Where is Pakistan team standing right now???

(Amna Walistan, )

The seventh defeat in the World Cups against India!When will we close this chapter of defeats against Our rivals in the World Cups?This question always stands there but no one ever answered this and no one could.Same results after every Pakistan-India clash and the same questions are repeated.As always,myriad of questions are raised by whole nation, which need to be answered.

Why skipper Sarfaraz opted to bowl first after winning the toss ,despite the team's poor chase record?

Why out of form Shoaib Malik was the part of team ?Why the power hitter,Asif Ali or the solid batsman,Haris Sohail were not tried instead?

Is it right that Sarfaraz didn't want Malik and Imad in the team,instead,he wanted the inclusion of Asif Ali and M.Husnain in the playing XI against India?

Is Mickey Arthur really not going well with the 'seniors'?And so to handle situation,Inzimam reached England?

Is the team divided ?Is the news of grouping within the team right?
And the most important question is where the team is standing right now in this WC?

Pakistan team is right there amidst the storm of criticism,allegations and controversies.When the millions of Pakistani fans were busy praying for the team prior to match, the players were enjoying in the 'sheesha cafe' and outing.If the players themselves don't take the WC seriously,then how can they win?

It wasn't just a defeat,it was a complete collapse and failure at the part of our team administration,management and the players.The lack of match-winning performances and confidence,poor strategy,fear and lack of integration and unity within the team and administration contributed to make Pakistan team bad performance in the mega event.

People are blaming Sarfaraz for everything.Is he only responsible?People are demanding him to leave captaincy.Even if he goes 'home',to whom you will make captain?We haven't any 'Imran Khan' to replace Sarfaraz Ahmed.The only player in the team having some experience of captaincy is Imad Wasim.He himself doesn't remain a consistent part of the team.And his poor track record of captaincy for Karachi Kings clearly speaks that Sarfaraz is the best and only choice for the captaincy of current team.

According to media reports,Sarfaraz ,in the dressing room,during team meeting was outraged and showed his aggression.He ensured everyone that if anything bad happens,he will not go home alone.Many others have to accompany him too.The cold words from skipper depict that something is going wrong.Is the team really divided?Who is the mastermind of the group against Sarfaraz?

A lot of questions need to be answered.And they might get answered after the team returns back home.

Pakistan is at no.9 spot in this WC!Behind WI,SriLanka and Bangladesh!Can Pakistan still qualify for the Semifinals?Seems quite 'impossible' from here.For Pakistan to go ahead,a 'miracle 'is required.Win the next 4 games,pray for 'No Rain' and maximum defeats for Bangladesh and New Zealand!That's only way to reach top 4.

Pakistan needs to bounce back,like it did in 1992 as in 1992 WC too,they had 3 points after 5 matches.But remember,in 1992 ,the captain was Imran Khan and now,it's Sarfaraz Ahmed.

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Inshallah!We will win!
By: Rabia, Islamabad on Jun, 20 2019
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