What’s Going Wrong in the Pakistan Cricket Team?

(Sikander Hayat, )

As you know cricket is a game where Pakistani fans eagerly want not only to play the game but to follow the game as well.Millions of people do a lot of prayers and have expectation on their team. At times when players are struggling, it is the duty of the fans to motivate and offer support to them in an attempt to revive their confidence and bringing them back on their toe. Through all the hard times from terrorist attacks, never-ending economic, political and literacy issues, to so much more that has gone wrong in Pakistan but cricket has somehow managed to remain a sport that is followed with the same passion as it was many years ago since the game was played.With Pakistan’s current performance so far, people started to worry themselves about their team

Recently we have seen the Pakistan Cricket Team has failed to produce good cricket in the biggest spectacles of world cricket. They have failed to impress with their recent performances in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 in England and Wales. Lots of Ex- Senior Players are still criticizing about not only the players and coach but all the Pakistan Cricket Board Staff especially the chief selector Inzamam-ul-haq.

A dismal performance against West Indies in their opening game has raised a lot of questions. Against England, they won by the help of luck which led to their only win so far. A Muhammad Hafeez catch drop by England’s Jason Roy was the major moment that led him to score more than 80 runs and as a result, Pakistan won that match by 14 runs. A rain-affected match against Sri Lanka was not the day Pakistan wanted in this campaign as it was abandoned without a ball being balled.

The match against Australia was the match that it indicates how they were at their intentionally worst performances in all three departments (Batting, Bowling and Fielding). They had a terrible start as Australia was cruising in their batting. Also, lots of simple catches dropped and sloppy fielding had pay them heavilybut a late comeback give them hope with the help of Muhammad Aamir, who stole the show at the end and he is still the only Pakistani who is performing really well in this World cup with his scintillating bowling. He’s currently the highest wicket taker in this world cup. When Pakistan came into bat, they did the same mistakes as they did against West Indies. They lost a match-winning game which hurt the Pakistan Fans and Ex-senior players.

A mouth-watering encounter held at Old Trafford, Manchester as arch rivals Pakistan and India went head to head for the seventh time in a World cup game. Everyone expected a “high voltage” game and was predicting that it could change history by defeating India for the first time ever in a World cup game but it was not the case. Pakistan yet again failed to surpass India. Before the match, Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan give some advice to the Pakistan Captain Sarfaraz Ahmed on Twitter and said himto win the toss and bat first but instead of listening to him, the team management made their own decision that cost the match for Pakistan. Nobody ever dared to question Imran Khan's decisions when he captained Pakistan during an illustrious career that ended with World Cup triumph in 1992, but Sarfaraz and team management daringly ignored his advice. As a match went on, Pakistan were clueless on the field missing simple run out chances with the help of Fakhar Zaman and Shadab Khan. They were not making rigorous effort on the field and doing blunders all around the park. With the help of the Pakistan’s mistakes, Rohit Sharma went on to score a blistering century and led India to score a massive total of 336. The most shocking moment came when Sarfaraz was yawning in the field like everything was going too smooth for him. In the 47th over of the Indian innings, Sarfaraz was yawning continuously and was also doing changes in fielding which surprises everyone.His yawning action went viral on Social media which make Pakistani fans really angry. When Pakistan came into bat, it was a same old story. Pakistan were completely outplayed by a ruthless Indian bowling making them unthinkable in batting. Poor shot selections and rotation of strike were not seen in the 22 yard pitch and as a result, yet again Pakistan lost by 89 runs (D/L method) and also their seven straight world cup match defeat against India.

After the match, there were shocking speculation that before this world cup there was a group lobbing going on between three players Shoaib Malik, Imam-ul-haq and Imad Wasim against Sarfaraz Ahmed.

In my connection, this is true because Shoaib Malik and co. want Imad Wasim to be the next captain of Pakistan Team as their target. They want to remove Sarfaraz immediately with the instruction by Inzamam-ul-haq. Another factor is that according to media, during the Pakistan vs India match, as Sarfaraz Ahmed was bowled and when he was going back to the pavilion and entered , he got angry and said to Shoaib Malik “You all are lobbying against me”. However, this scenario is really hurting the Pakistani cricket fans and it is creating heating discussion all around the world.

In my opinion, government has to take strict action against corrupt players and management. They should terminate them and bring new setup for the Pakistan team for the next four years. The Pakistan Cricket team and Pakistan Cricket Board has to have mandatory changes and it should bring new faces in order to have good structure of domestic cricket. There are several legends are available for their services who can make a huge impact in Pakistan Cricket structure.

Currently Pakistan is in a “tied rope” and in order to survive, they had to hold it till the last phase of the tournament. It’s not possible but it is manageable to achieve it. Let’s hope that they can do the unthinkable as they are known for and turn their semifinal opportunity in their favor.

Sikander Hayat.
Director Sports
(Overseas Pakistani Television Los Angeles)


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