Perks of being quarantined!

(Soma Akbar, Karachi)

An illustration shared on Pinterest exhibiting a girl spending her quarantine in reading

In retrospect,the days of the first month of the year 2020 were about to be circled or ticked by the people for remembering "then" upcoming special days.
On the new year there were celebrations and cackles everywhere.But then just after a few days some unexpected events came into being and people could visionize the projection of the planned planned future going in the vain.People around the world got compelled to get locked in their abodes and abstain themselves from meeting their loved ones.
As the vaccine to Corona virus is still not invented the only way to hinder it is to avoid social interactions.In this planet there are assorted people with assorted perceptions permeated in their minds.So many had taken the quarantine as a wastage of their days which were meant to be have fun in.And then there were utterly different people dwelling on the same planet which peek at the acute contexts through the window of positivity.
Before quarantine popped up in everyone's life.There were grudges and demands made by the kindreds of those having a hectic job or business routine.The quarantine signed the approval to all those pleas on behalf of the ones who got plead to. And let the people shrink the distances and make beautiful memories with each other.This is the 21st century in which the young even the old blood now has joined the race if making their lifestyles better and better by tranquilizing the bees of hunger taking plunges in their stomachs for filling up the thirst of making the pockets dripping money.There is a whole world out of earning and striving to make lifestyles more thrived than the opponents or competitors.There are those little things sometimes unaccentuated due to busy lives which are the link to the solace of hearts and souls.
People would always fancy to read the books which they bought months before but the time didn't permit to encounter the story it had to tell.During quarantine and after being commanded to remain in their terrains they subsequently got vouchsafed to go through those books and fullfil the aspire made earlier.
There are so many people who had incepted earning at home by doing online businesses and jobs.On one side the companies with biggest names were facing a wave of loss because if the pandemic and on the other side online businesses were flourishing and meeting the pinnacles of demand.Jeff Bezos,the CEO of Amazon has become richer than the former CEO of Microsoft,Bill Gates as the world had inclined towards online shopping instead if rovering around bazaars and supermarkets.
Many peeps would sulk because if artistic spirit taking leaps inside them urging to pick the brushes up which would start stomping when they would unintentionally glance at them but they would be shackled in front of time lackness.After getting limited to the four walls of the house they spreaded hues over many of canvases and let that artistic spirit act freely.
Just like these kinds of people who achieved their dreams by sitting at home there are so many others meditating over their obesity and related health issues and working out to revert in shape.
In all those days spent at home or other comfort places some explored themselves, unraveling the knots webbed inside them and tried to discover more about their potential, skills which were concealed for years and showed up after finding the correct time.
In today's world it is incumbent to seek even if there is thinnest string of positivity ceased behind the heavy bricks if trials.As without a positive ambiance encompassing no one can survive healthily.

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