Should people be judged by their social media posting?

(Sadia Tairq, Karachi)

If your childhood was anything like mine, you were taught not to judge books by their covers. This was likely because people can’t change how they look and it has no bearing on what they are like as people.However, this maxim doesn’t apply to the fairly new frontier of social media. You are totally justified in judging the hell out of people based on their social media accounts and profiles.

Almost everyone has Facebook, or Snapchat, or Instagram. It is very rare that someone does not have one form of social media.We may be reluctant to admit it, but many of us spend quite a bit of time looking at what our friends post on Facebook. We're also likely to judge others based on what they post. First impressions don't exist anymore. We don't give people that chance, we don't get to know their personality. We get to know what they post. Actually talking to someone is a lot different than talking about them. If judgment-worthy material makes its appearance on someone’s social media, they put it there for a reason. That means they are conveying something about themselves- whether they mean to or not. Most of us think of social media platforms as a trumpet for our thoughts. We share our woes, ups and downs, and oftentimes even throw in a few strong opinions on different matters. Whether we do so in the open transmitting our rants to hundreds of eager listeners or in private chat threads, we should clearly understand the consequences of our actions.If you really double down on it and spend some time crafting a decent social media profile, you can really seem like you got your things together. It can actually make you believe that if you work at it, it can improve how beautiful you are. There are many aspects that you can’t control when it comes to how you look and that’s completely okay. But with social media, you have a choice to post a picture that makes you look thinner, or at least censor the bad parts. You can then just sit back and enjoy all the approval you’re getting for your looks through likes and comments.

We share our thoughts and interests primarily because we want to stay connected with the people we care about but also because we want to give others an idea of who we are. If our friends and followers like our posts we feel good. The more likes, the more dopamine, the better we feel.

In putting a picture or comment on social media you’re opening yourself or your business up to judgement. You’re making yourself vulnerable to the thoughts of others. If the post doesn’t elicit the reaction you’d hoped for it can hurt. In the end of my article I would like to remind you
" Don't judge books by their covers".

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