Street crimes in Karachi

(Muhammad Danish, Karachi)

We all know Karachi is the city of lights but in previous few years Karachi and citizens were facing many problems like load shedding, high prices, pollution , lack of water but the main problem is "Street Crimes". We all know that these days street crimes are becoming one of the most common activities of people on the streets. It is simply taken as the gamer to snatch the accessories of the people and disappear in just a few seconds. Each single country or we would say each single corner of Pakistan is affected by street crimes. In all cities we have the prominent name of Karachi. Karachi is the city that was known as the city of light but now it is known as the city of crimes. Armed robbery, assault and mugging are some of the main activities that are known out to be the main and important feature of metropolitan life in Pakistan. All the criminals who are involved in the street crimes do arrive in a well armed and well prepared environment that makes them feel with the power that they are all set for making crimes. They know the fact that victims have great fear from the weapons.

Crimes and scams are common in Karachi, and include cell-phone theft, credit card fraud, and counterfeit-money schemes. All travelers should exercise caution with investment and property transactions.These robbers come well armed and well prepared both physically and psychologically to commit the crimes. These people overpower the victim by fear and weapons. The youth these days are very much in fear of whether to carry a mobile phone or cash while traveling at any time of the day. It is not just night time that is dangerous but also day time. Anytime, anyplace and by any means these culprits get hold of helpless and innocent people walking on the street and rob them of all valuables, cash and mobile phones.

Well we can just say that poverty and less job opportunities are some of the main reasons that are giving high rise to the street crimes in Pakistan. Its best solution is that the Government should take some adequate measures so that immediate control can be put on the street crimes

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