Why is the West suffering from Islamophobia?

(syed Rizwan zaidi, faisalabad)

It was probably the date of Friday, October 2, 1187, when Jerusalem, the world's 'religious capital' and considered the most 'controversial' city, was once again ruled by Muslims under the leadership of Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi after a gap of nearly nine decades. The Aubrey flag was hoisted on the city walls and work began to remove the symbols of Christianity from religious places. Exactly 833 years ago, that night of October 2 was also the night of Ascension. Jerusalem was handed over to the Muslims not as a result of the war but after a siege as a result of an agreement between the Christian administrators of the city and Salahuddin Ayubi.
Western historians themselves write that after the conquest the Ayubi army did not heat up the market Not the desecration of Christian women, but in this regard Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi himself took matters into his own hands and thus the tongues of those who called the Sultan a descendant of Satan became dumb. The Sultan's understanding and fury broke out during the war. The Crusaders have been suffocating for decades in view of the fall policy.

If we look analytically, one thing is clear that we Muslims are very hasty, after taking matters into our own hands, we realize that our work is over, and very quickly we get into people's talk. An example of this is the liberation of the first qiblah and its subsequent capture by the Zionists. The reference to Jerusalem in this column was intended because this is a sense of inferiority that Europe suffers from and is called Islamophobia. We need to correct ourselves. The West has eroded moral values. It doesn't matter, because those who can question the existence of God have nothing to do with insulting or honoring the prophets. The Islamic bloc is needed and it does not look easy to form, and unless such a step is taken, forget that insults to the glory of our Prophet will easily stop.

Who are the people who commit this religious crime? The question is why Islamic countries do not come together on one platform to see all these things? In an Islamic country, if a Muslim is sentenced to death for his crime, then the whole of Europe becomes a protest, even knowing that this is our internal matter. Unity is strong, but our differences do not end there here in Islamic conferences, I see Islamic countries boycotting the conference based solely on their beliefs, but have you ever heard of a European country boycotting a conference of European countries? The traitors are in their sleeves. ۔ But still fresh breezes are coming in the form of Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan and Prime Minister Imran Khan, who has called on Islamic countries to boycott France altogether because now is really the time to take decisive action. Important because, according to the predictions, the form of oppressed conquerors will soon emerge, the hours of the fall of the great superpowers are approaching, and efforts are being made to oust other global thugs, including the United States.
If we cover our region, the cracks in India's shell are becoming clear. In the hope of breaking Pakistan, India itself is going to break in a few years. The dream of a united India has never come true because it is a dream seen with awaking eyes. And on the north side, China is ready to take over the portfolio of the next superpower. On the other hand, the integrity of the United States is threatened by the foolish policies of President Donald Trump. Sometimes even cautious people go the wrong way and this is what is going to happen to the Zionists because their interests are connected with the United States, so it will destroy itself as well as the United States. One can only guess what the future holds for America.

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