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Hateful and aggressive speech is not a freedom of speech

The Charlie Hebdo is an institution in France which makes such nonsense Cartoon in the name of Freedom of Speech. In the 2004 Charlie Hebdo was made first time cartoon against our beloved Prophet. The entire Muslims Community has to hurt to such type of derogatory remarks against our beloved prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H). The philosophy or motive behind by Jewish lobby has to check to the Muslim sprit. Such type of teasing tactics shall have to work. There is a game in hands of Franc people to hurt to Muslims in the name of Islamophobia. The Muslims who have been living in France are being facing lot of difficulties. They are facing directly critic while there are going to shops, market or work place. They are also listened such remarks; Muslims are terrorist. The Muslims are characterless or such other remarks we are listening from foreigners (Non-Muslims) which are base on presumptions. It is not reality. It is base on presumptions. Muslims are not terrorist nor miscreants. That why our Prime Minister, Imran Khan address this issue (Islamophobia) at the forum of General Assembly in consecutive occasions. The veil (Hejab) is prohibited in France. It’s become an issue in France.

Such nonsense cartoon has also made against “Tayyip Erdogan” Turk President. The Charlie Hebdo is always publish such type of stupid cartoon and derogates remarks against the Muslims in the name of Freedom of Speech. The day is not far when their cartoonist made such nonsense cartoon against our Prime Minister. The miscreants are functioning against Muslims and Islam. The day which is not far whenever war or chaos broken against Muslims states.

If I talk about western community, it is not analysis our Islamic values and its traditions in original sense. They are thinking on conservative manner and ridicule sense even they presume this religion are base on fundamentalist. It is not true. Actual Islam is very simple. Some miscreants are considered Islam is modern. It is not true. In Islam there are only restrictions. Actual reality is base on truth and it is rely upon evidence. That why Allah (almighty) has fixed the “Day of Judgment”. There are some similarity between Islam and Christian. The Jewish are powerful in the western governments. They always acquired own motives and blame upon Muslims. They have no prove such remarks which they spoken. The Jewish are criminal’s minds, they always pretend to guilty intension against Muslims. They always believe upon presumption. The real picture of this topic is become an issue. There are some thoughts which will have to brings into my mind is require more seriousness towards Islamophobia. Hence, it is cautions and precaution always needs more careful in this regards.

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