Competition to yourself

(Komal Ishtiaq, Rawalpindi)

In this world we are born for a purpose, definitely everybody comes in this world for some definite reason. People are performing their tasks in different domains of life. Students are studying, parents are looking after their children, and teachers are imparting knowledge etc. Due to the rapid development and changes in this new current modern world, our lives become very busy. It is good to set goals and working hard to achieve those goals. People have to set goals in order to make their lives purposeful, but to only think about those goals and nothing else will not good enough either.

In this 21st centuries we have set various goals. Some goals are realistic, some goals are unrealistic and some goals are like torture and pain to us. We are always in a race to become something we are not and we better know it. For instance, if we take an examples of students they sometimes set goals that are hard to achieve, they know their capabilities and interests’ best; I am not saying they would not get good scores, definitely they would get good ones but the thing is they would not find pleasure if they adopt things opposed to their nature. Some students like arts, but they have a lot of pressure on them from others and sometimes from their dear ones, due to which they get afraid of telling their aspirations to their parents. They forcefully read science and at last they would not know where to stand. Similarly many people would not get opportunities to enjoy the very same thing they wanted to.
As Rudyard Kipling says in his poem:
If you can dream__________ and not make dreams your master
If you can think_______________ and not make thoughts your aim;

We get life for once and it is very short. It is useless to keep your soul in pain and torture every time. If you are unable to get something do not take it to heart, but instead think there is better plan for you waiting ahead. Keep many options with you as possible, if plan A does not work, go for plan B, if B fails go for C, and so on and so forth. But, it does not mean not do pay any efforts to achieve your goals. But besides, enjoy your life as well, so when you get old you do not have any kind of regrets in your life. Do not feel ashamed while doing the craziest things of life, it sometimes becomes the sweet moments of your life, and you laugh at it later in life. You will find great pleasure, when thinking about those moments. Do not take things to heart, laugh at yourself with others and think that you becomes the reason for someone else’s smile.

Happiness is not all the time achieving big goals and tasks. Sometimes performing a little deed of kindness is happiness. Sometimes greeting others with the smile is happiness. Sometimes starting your day with prayer is happiness. Sometimes getting scolded by your parents out of their concern is happiness. Sometimes sharing your lunch with others is happiness. Sometimes taking a sip from cup of tea and making odd sounds is happiness. Sometimes looking in the mirror and thanking God for your healthy body and beautiful face is happiness. Happiness have no boundaries; it all depends on your faith in happiness.

You are not here to compete anyone. No one is in competition with you except your own self. Look at yourself closely, you are your own mirror. You can better tell yourself what you are, and what you wanted to become. Make things easier for you instead of making it complex. Do not indulge much into something that makes you feel neglected. Do not avoid yourself. Take good care of yourself ‘because you are precious. If something bad happens to you remind yourself ups and downs are the part of life. Be brave and be strong because you have the potential to deal with all hard times. You are your own shields and you are your own trouble; at last, it depends on you what you want to become.

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