Quetta Incident; Acknowledge Valiant Soldiers

(Shahnawaz Sarmad, Lahore)

Police has always played a vital role in war against terrorism

Morning of 25th October brought terrifying news for Pakistanis, as late night terror attack on Police Training College Quetta claimed lives of many security personnel. When the news of attack was aired around 12 am, initially I perceived it as a minor attack to be tackled rapidly without major loss. In first two hours media reported only a few injured security officials and I went to bed praying for safety of the rest. But unfortunately morning news bulletin had another story; shockingly there had been death toll of 60 and about 150 were injured. What a sad day for Pakistan as Quetta bleeds again, our valiant soldiers are on target.

Terrorism has already claimed lives of more than 60 thousand Pakistanis, most of them were security officials fighting war against terrorism. Terrorists have attacked every part of our community without "discrimination". Innocent school children, women and civilians, all have been victims of their brutality, but officers and officials of law enforcement agencies are on main target, particularly, Police training institutes are targeted many times. The idea of the terrorists is probably to exert psychological pressure and scaring people from joining police or army. But they are unaware of the fact that this nation have gone through much more and can still stand firm and united against all evils.

No one can replace young talented police officers who are now a part of those more than 6000 valiant Police soldiers who laid their lives to save ours since 1980. Dilemma is that we don’t give that respect and recognition to all our forces that we show for one segment. Police have never left any stone unturned to protect citizens against terrorism and have participated and sacrificed equally but we feel awkward to say a single word of admiration in their favor. Owning our Police and acknowledging their services and sacrifices in line of duty is most valuable reward public can award this gallant force.

On the other hand, once again we are witnessing the same old scenes, funerals in streets of Quetta, photo session of VIPs at hospitals and victims’ homes, announcements of financial support to injure and martyrs and condemnation statements. Security will be tightened and pillion riding will be banned. Public and media have got a topic to talk about for some days on mainstream and online media. We all shall forget everything in not more than two to three days, but the families who have lost loved ones and may be their only earning hand in this incident will never forget. It’s hard to imagine the pain these families must be going through, we all need to stand with them. But nation don’t want typical statements anymore, everyone is anxiously waiting to see the culprits facing consequences for destroying hundreds of lives and putting thousands in grief.

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