Peace is Possible

(Shahnawaz Arif, Lahore)

Dedication of Punjab Police as frontline force, is of core significance which has actually made situation of peace possible

Youm-e-Ashur is observed with religious reverence and more than 28000 Majalis and around 7418 processions took place on 9th and 10th Muharram throughout Punjab.

About 200,000 police officials, 43000 “Police Qaumi Razakar” and 98000 volunteers were also deployed to help Punjab Police to ensure the security of the Muharam processions and Majalis. 71 control rooms throughout Punjab monitored the cities and Police conducted 48 mock exercises, prior to Ashura, to check their readiness in case of any untoward incidence. Combing operations, search and sweep operations and special three layer security arrangements by law enforcement agencies were conducted before and during Muharram and are still in progress with full force. IGP Punjab Mushtaq Ahmad Sukhera had also stressed the need of taking Peace Committees’ members as stakeholders to create harmony among all faiths. Resultantly, the Security strategy and cooperation of administrations of Majalis and processions with police has helped in maintaining the spirit of brotherhood and religious harmony. This is why, despite serious threats of terrorists’ attacks and communal violence by secretariat militant outfits, the situation in the province remained calm and safe.

In recent past also, Punjab has seen an Independence Day Celebrations without any stunts on roads by “one-wheelers”, peaceful Eidain and joyful Cricket in Punjab after many years due to strict policy and action of Police. Whether it’s Taraweeh prayers in Ramzan or major protests by political parties, Police has always played a role of vanguard to protect citizens. Police officers from the rank of constables to that of Regional and District Police Officers observed a routine of waking up before Sehri and provided security to Masajid from Fajar prayer till Taraweeh. Out of 24 hours, Police had been on special duty to protect Namazis for about 20 hours, in this “Islamic Republic” of Pakistan. I have witnessed Police Jawans walking in front of Muharam processions as a layer, while RPOs and DPOs were present to supervise the security measures by themselves. When public worship inside their worship places, Police do the same outside by protecting them.

Punjab Police Inspector General, Mushtaq Ahmad Sukhera admired the dedication and efforts of police officers and volunteers for their duties during Muharram, especially on Ashura. “Despite threats of terror attacks, the Punjab police have provided fool-proof security to processions and Majalis. I hope this practice will continue to maintain law and order in the province,” he said.

IGP further said the Punjab Police are legatee of hundreds of martyrs which is clear evidence that officers and officials of the law enforcers have always presented their lives to protect life and property of the citizens. “They will not hesitate to sacrifice their lives to fulfill their duty in future as well,” he added.

Dedication of law enforcement agencies, especially of Punjab Police as frontline force, is of core significance which has actually made situation of peace possible.

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