Better Safe Than Sorry.

(Syeda Ijtaba, karachi)

Road safety has been usually taken as a law enforcement and police concern worldwide ever since the invention of motor vehicles as a means of transportation. The motor vehicles, two-wheeler and four-wheeler, brought many economic benefits to individuals and societies as a whole. Simultaneously, as the traffic volume grew on the roads, number of accidents and resulting injuries, deaths and disabilities to the people increased over time.

With the increasing population the problem of traffic control has become very acute in almost all the big cities in Pakistan. The increase in traffic has also increased the number of traffic accidents and our roads are growing dangerous day by day. Unfortunately, we have little traffic sense and perhaps no respect for the traffic rules.

No doubt, bad roads and high speed driving are the main causes of traffic accidents Traffic problem in Pakistan is getting worse with every coming day, especially in big cities like Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Quetta, Peshawar and Hyderabad. Government is doing little efforts to avoid traffic jams and other traffic problems in Pakistan.

Traffic jams is another worst problem for citizens where many hours get wasted and if anyone is heading for a hospital in case of an emergency, then the patient can only look up to God for mercy. The person stuck in traffic is also got hyper because of continuous peeps and noise of motors. It causes noise pollution beside air pollution causes by smoke coming out of vehicles continuously its really harmful for every living creature. It mostly feels when a person got stuck in traffic jam.

The rising number of smoke belching vehicles during the rush hours has left the traffic policemen gasping for a whiff of fresh air.

The area for parking vehicles, in front of shopping malls, marriage gardens and restaurants especially is constantly shrinking under pressure from the rising number of cars and bikes. That causes traffic jam for other citizens. Running of large vehicles like trucks and water tankers in day time is also a big problem for common citizen. In rush hours the running of large vehicles in different lanes causes traffic jam. Traffic police must allot one specific time to them when the roads are free of rush hours, So that they will not cause much problems for others.

People don’t have traffic sense. Every person is so much busy in himself they don’t give importance to the traffic rules. Where there is clearly written no parking they do parking over their doing open violence against it. Traffic police and media should play their role in creating traffic sense among the people before giving license of driving to only adults or a person who qualify the driving test.
“If safety is a joke, then death is the punch line”
Someone has aptly said that time is money. But the tragedy with our nation is that this dictum is taken care of only on roads and not in our daily life. We keep wasting our time at home or in gossiping with our friends but we realize its worth only when we are on road heading towards some destination. The speedy and crazy driving on our roads suggests that we are taking the pain to save our precious time but it is to the contrary. For some of the drivers, especially teens or early twenties, over speeding is really a thrilling exercise. Races are being arranged by the young ones of the elite class to quench their thirst for over speeding. And the end of their exercise is mostly death.

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