The Consent Factory:The Mass Media Machine By Noam Chomsky.

(Syeda Ijtaba, karachi)

In 1988 Noam Chomsky analyzed a book Manufacturing consent with co author Edward S. Herman. It also illustrates the message of how government and big media businesses cooperate to produce an effective propaganda machine in order to manipulate the opinions of the United States populous.

According to Noam Chomsky topics like press freedom and freedom of thoughts are mostly chanted by the countries like United States, Australia France and counties having government of Democracy. He said, “mass media serve as a system for communicating messages and symbols to the general populace. It is their function to amuse, entertain, and inform, and to inculcate individuals with the values, beliefs, and codes of behavior that will integrate them into the institutional structures of the larger society. But our media is doing these duties to take power in political activities”. In fact media is manufacturing our consent it tells or guides the audience what to think And How to think?
The propaganda model for the manufacture of public consent describes five editorially distorting filters, which are applied to the reporting of news in mass communications media. The consent is being manufactured by media all the time around.

The dominant mass-media outlets are large companies operated for profit, and therefore they must cater to the financial interests of the owners, who are usually corporations and controlling investors.

Media costs a lot as compared to the audience that pay so Obviously Advertisers and sponsors fills the gap. And what advertisers are paying for audience to them is YOU. They are selling audience as a product.

Government, corporations and big institutions know very well the way media can be controlled by playing media game. They feed media money by interviews of their experts. So they are always beside media and it’s actually a conspiracy against journalism. If anyone challenge the power or media you will be pushed back you will lost your access they make you shut up!

When a statement is inconvenient for the powers they overcome it by diverting the interest of audience in other words media starts diverting the conversations whenever the journalist’s whist bowlers the sources they pushed back from consensus and get Flak.

Chomsky argues that this conspiracy is started since the end of the cold war was replaced by the war on terror as the major social control mechanism.

Thus media is always a manufacturing consent.

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