Transgender: The truth about Pakistani society

(Yusra Aziz, )

Have we ever thought about a life that would be deprived if one of the essential character of being a human was absent in us. Such is a life of the transgender people. Or we can say that they are totally normal people but the society treats them unemotionally. Making them feel less, abnormal and nit capable of playing a role in the society.

One is transgender not by choice but biologically. But our conservative society fails to understand this. A society is regarded as intellectual when they treat everyone equally be it the education, business or job opportunities. And its not vague that the Pakistani is not the one.

The word transgender is not new, it has been there in the society throughout the history. They are not abnormal people instead they are the ones who can prove to be helpful to the society. Moreover in Pakistan transgender community enjoys most least amount of respect.

Unfortunately in Pakistani society there exist such stereotypes who constantly oppress this community. Even they are being deprived of their basic rights. Even the well educated parents do not let their children to interact with the transgender people.

The basic thought that comes over and over again is that transgender are only considered to adopt profession of singing and dancing and not any field that they can feel respected in. Due the this most of the transgender community is uneducated as getting education is considered unreal for them. As they are unable to opt better profession they are found to live in extreme poverty.

Birth of a transgender child is taken as a sign of disrespect and the Parents most probably handle such children to the community where he is nourished. How can a Parent be such stone hearted? But it is a heart breaking truth of our society.

Some portion of the transgender or hijra community, social disgrace and separation make them outsiders in Pakistan's profoundly moderate society. While there are no official exact figures on the quantity of transgender or third-sexual orientation individuals living in the nation, gauges go from 80,000 to 350,000-500,000, with maybe 60-70,000 in Karachi alone.

Defenseless against physical and verbal manhandle, they likewise need to manage the embarrassing state of mind of cops, specialists at doctor's facilities, and open authorities. Reports of beatings and different types of brutality coordinated against them are typical.

It is true that the transgender community is treated unjustly but the way they try to earn money is definitely not appreciable. They usually earn money by begging on traffic signals, roaming on the streets and begging on house doors, they earn money when any birth take place and when there is a wedding, they dance to songs earn money. All these ways of getting money are not respectable nor they are a sign of a good human being.

The transgender community needs to understand that if they would play a respectable role in a society, gradually they will start gaining respect. Instead of doing the things they usually do, they can start a business of their own.

The government should also come forward and support this community so that Parents rather then feeling disgrace on the birth of a transgender, feel secure about their future. We as a common Pakistani should try our best to treat the transgender with equal respect as they are human beings just as we are.

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