Shahid Afridi, the undisputed champion

(Muhammad Shah Rashdi, Hyderabad, Sindh)

Shahid Afridi, crowned as Boom Boom was undeniably the most agressive cricketing minds the world has ever witnessed. With his blistering emotions and passion for the game, he was an absolute show-stealer who reigned over the hearts of millions for over more than a decade.

Shahid stepped into the international phase at a juvenile age of 16, practically beyond belief, which shows his towering spirit. Before one knows it, the lad vanquishes the game with his elite display of sportsmanship, honing his allrounder prowess progressively. At an early stage, Shahid Afridi claimed his first ever century and bagged a world record of an immortal fastest century off 37 balls, that nearly lived throughout his career, leaving the nation in a startling daze. This was not the end of his ground-breaking feats, they were ever-lasting. He sealed multiple world records that stand unbeaten to this day, which includes his lofty amount of 351 international sixes(highest) with a majestic strike rate of 117.

Not long ago, he again showcased his offensive and match-winning playstyle against India in 2014's Asia Cup, where he took charge and hauled his team to victory with two stupendous sixes to bring the show to a climax. Also, not to mention his heroic approach through the tournament that scooped up the ICC World T20 2009 cup for Pakistan.

His praises are endless, fan's fondness towards Afridi speaks for itself. However, controversies have persisted alongside. People have criticized his consistency, claiming his presence in the roster is crippling for the team's conduct, predominantly targetting his internation ducks (dismissed on 0). Shahid was also slammed for his ill-fated captaincy era that led to a miserable fall in team's ranking.

Although, their viewpoint indeed doesn't seem to convince many, as there have been staunch and commited fans that stood with Afridi during his ups and downs.

Nonetheless, Afridi gave us too much to remember over his little setbacks. Kudos to the legend.

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