The Big Game Ind VS Pak.

(Talha Wajid, Lahore)

India Vs Pakistan in cricket always a game of Aggression and Emotions.In Icc Champions Trophy Ind AND Pak both will Play their first game with each other.In Big Events of Icc India Always won from Pakistan but only In Champions Trophy Pakistan ahead of India with 2-1.If we talk about Other Matches and series Pakistan have most numbers of wins.Both team will in alot of pressure on 4 june 2017 because Sarfraz and Kholi will First Time lead their Team in champions trophy but Ms Dhoni will be the Part of team that good for IND On the other side after a along Time Pakistan will play without Yonus,Misbah and Shahid Afridi That Would Tough for us.The young players of both teams very much Talented.Both teams looks Good But According to many Cricketers and sports Analysts India is favourite But the Young Team of Pakistan can do any things Because History showed that we are Unpredictable.

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