CAD to PKR Rate

CAD to PKR Today is RS 152.50 in the currency market of Pakistan. There is a trading difference from the previous day in Canadian Dollar to Pakistani Rupee has decreased PKR 7.00 or 4.811% on 18 May 2022 trading in currency conversion or open market rate.

1.00 Canadian Dollar = 152.50 Pakistani Rupees
As on May 18, 2022 at 03:23 PST (GMT+5)
CAD to PKR Stats
Last 30 days Last 90 days
High 147 147
Low 144 138.5
Average 144.876 142.958
CAD TO PKR chart & Graph
CAD to PKR Open Market Forex Rates History
Date Buying Selling
Today 150 152.50
17 May, 2022 144.00 145.50
16 May, 2022 144.00 145.50
15 May, 2022 143.60 145.10
14 May, 2022 143.60 145.10
13 May, 2022 143.60 145.10
12 May, 2022 143.50 145.00
11 May, 2022 143.50 145.00
10 May, 2022 142.50 144.50
09 May, 2022 142.50 144.50
07 May, 2022 143.00 145.00
What is CAD to PKR Today?

Weekly performance of CAD to PKR shows increased in value and Pakistani Rupee is down by PKR -7.50 or -5.172%. The peak conversion exchange rate of Canadian Dollar to PKR was PKR 145.5 and lowest PKR 145 conversion.

Monthly fluctuation during the last 30 days as follows for CAD to PKR: High PKR 147 and Low PKR 144 in value, where buying was PKR 150 and Selling 152.50

Canadian Dollar to PKR

Canadian Dollar to PKR: There are a lot of Pakistanis living in Canada and the 1 Canadian Dollar rate today is much crucial for them. On the other side, people also look at Canadian Dollar to Pakistani Rupee Open Market as they exchange both currencies for the investment or another purpose after analyzing CAD to PKR Open Market. The PKR to CAD rates fluctuate on a daily basis and this page gives a regular update about both currencies so you can know about Canadian Dollar into PKR and can easily convert Canadian Dollar to Pakistani Rupee. The Canadian Dollar comes in $5, $10, $20, $50, and $100 notes. In terms of coin, it is available in 5 cents, 10 cents, 25 cents, $1, and $2. Each PKR or Pakistani Rupee has 100 paisas. It comes in the denomination of 10, 20, 50, 100, 500, 1000, and 5000 Rupee notes. Currently, 1 CAD to PKR is around Rs 119. However, a conversion rate of Canadian Dollar to Pakistani Rupee fluctuates on a regular basis.

The exchanging connection between Canada and Pakistan is an unobtrusive one. Canada was among the nations which acknowledged Pakistan's freedom, immediately. Today, the two nations are consistently moving towards upgrades in both: relationship with respect to exchange, and CAD to PKR rates.


Q. What is the rate of Canadian Dollar today in Pakistan?

A. Canadian Dollar rate today in Pakistan is Rs 152.50. In the last 30 days, the rate of Canadian Dollar is decreased.

Q. How much is 1 Canadian Dollar to PKR today?

A. 1 Canadian Dollar equals 152.50 Pakistani rupees. However, the rate fluctuates on a regular basis. It is a reason that it is crucial for investors to remain updated with the CAD to PKR today rate.

Q. How to calculate CAD to PKR exchange rate?

A. There are different methods to calculate the CAD to PKR exchange rate. However, the simplest one is that first, you have to check the rate of one Canadian Dollar in Pakistan. In the next step, multiply the rate by the amount in currency. For example, if one Canadian Dollar is equal to 152.50 Pakistani Rupees then ten Canadian Dollar will be equivalent to RS 1525.00.

Q. How can I exchange Canadian Dollar to Pakistani rupees?

A. You can exchange Canadian Dollar into Pakistani Rupees from the money changers or currency exchange currencies. However, it is recommended to first view the latest CAD to PKR rate to not become a victim of any fraud.

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Moving to Canada and this platform provides the updated currency rates according to open market today.

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Canadian Dollar can be easily exchnaged from any money changer in Pakistan.

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The value of Canadian Dollar is so much high as it is still over Rs 139 in the Pakistani market.

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I have a large number of Canadian Dollars as it is a strong currency among several ones.

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