CAD to PKR exchange rate is RS 126.00 in the currency market today. There is a trading difference from the previous day in Canadian Dollar to Pakistan Rupee has increased PKR 0.50 or 0.395% on 23 Sep 2020 trading in currency conversion or open market rate.

Canadian Dollar To Pakistani Rupee

1.00 CAD = PKR 126.00 1 PKR = 0.007937 CAD
As on Sep 24, 2020 at 04:12 PST (GMT+5)
CAD to PKR Stats
Last 30 days Last 90 days
High 129.5 129.5
Low 126.5 120
Average 128.211 127.148

CAD to PKR Open Market Forex Rates HISTORY

Date Symbol Buying Selling
Today CAD To PKR 124 126.00
22 Sep, 2020 CAD To PKR 124.50 126.50
21 Sep, 2020 CAD To PKR 124.50 126.50
20 Sep, 2020 CAD To PKR 124.50 126.50
19 Sep, 2020 CAD To PKR 124.50 126.50
18 Sep, 2020 CAD To PKR 124.50 126.50
17 Sep, 2020 CAD To PKR 125.00 127.50
16 Sep, 2020 CAD To PKR 125.10 127.60
15 Sep, 2020 CAD To PKR 125.00 127.50
14 Sep, 2020 CAD To PKR 125.00 127.50
13 Sep, 2020 CAD To PKR 124.50 127.00

CAD to PKR Rates in Pakistan

Canadian Dollar CAD to PKR Pakistan Rupee - Weekly performance of CAD to PKR shows decrease in PKR 1.50 or 1.176% in value where peak conversion exchange rate of CAD to PKR was PKR 127.5 and lowest PKR 126.5 conversion. Monthly fluctuation during the last 30 days as follows for CAD to PKR: High PKR 129.5 and Low PKR 126.5 in value, where buying was PKR 124 and Selling 126.00

What is the rate of CAD to PKR today?
CAD to PKR buying rate is Rs 124 & Selling Rate is Rs 126.00 on 23 Sep, 2020

CAD to PKR - Canadian Dollar to Pakistani Rupee: There are a lot of Pakistanis living in Canada and the 1 CAD to PKR rate today or 1 Canadian Dollar to PKR is much crucial for them. On the other side, people also look at Canadian Dollar to Pakistani Rupee Open Market as they exchange both currencies for the investment or another purpose after analyzing CAD to PKR Open Market. The PKR to CAD rates fluctuate on a daily basis and this page gives a regular update about both currencies so you can know about Canadian Dollar into PKR and can easily convert Canadian Dollar to Pakistani Rupee. The Canadian Dollar comes in $5, $10, $20, $50, and $100 notes. In terms of coin, it is available in 5 cents, 10 cents, 25 cents, $1, and $2. Each PKR or Pakistani Rupee has 100 paisas. It comes in the denomination of 10, 20, 50, 100, 500, 1000, and 5000 Rupee notes. Currently, 1 Canadian Dollar to PKR or 1 CAD to PKR is around Rs 119. However, a conversion rate of Canadian Dollar to Pakistani Rupee fluctuates on a regular basis.

The second-biggest nation after Russia in terms of land area, Canada is a bit of heaven. In spite of the way that it covers a gigantic territory, it is an inadequately populated nation. Lines of trees, wild, the vast foliage, and other such characteristic curios is the thing that we can discover the nation. Curiously, the nation's GDP was $1.89 trillion a year ago. A well-created economy, Canada accepts to be a superpower in terms of energy as the explanation is their bountiful regular assets for a populace of 37 million inhabitants which is little contrasted with its territory zone.

The exchanging connection between Canada and Pakistan is an unobtrusive one. Canada was among the nations which acknowledged Pakistan's freedom, immediately. Today, the two nations are consistently moving towards upgrades in both: relationship with respect to exchange, and CAD to PKR rates. The Canadian Dollar to Pakistani rupees rates today is significant Textiles, Leather things, and vegetable merchandise are the significant fare results of Pakistan to Canada, which consequently increment the remote trade rates.

Canadian Dollar to Pakistani rupees conversion scale changes on regular routine. Investors and specialists, however, average citizens keen on achieving shares on abroad organizations use CAD to PKR cash converter for better comprehension of the amount they are contributing the cash. gives accurate CAD to PKR today money rates. Aside from this, you can change over any cash into PKR easily through With nonstop exchanging between the two nations, Pakistan, just as Canada both, have seen an improvement in their money rates and remote trades.

The the two-sided connection between Canada and Pakistan is gone back to 1948. There are various outsiders to Canada from Pakistan; a procedure since Brtish rule the Sub-landmass. Canada views Pakistan as a basic performer and accomplice in the war against fear based oppression in the area. The two nations keep up exchanging of knowledge and different snippets of data on fundamental issues.

Due to the intense relationship of trade between the United States and Canada as they both combine of around 50% of each other’s export/import sector, Canadian Dollar traders analyze all key events occurring in the United States. While Canada has sought after altogether different monetary approaches, actually conditions in the United States unavoidably overflow into Canada somewhat. These conditions additionally impact other financial factors, for example, inflation.

What is especially intriguing about the U.S.- Canada relationship is the means by which conditions can wander. The structure of Canada's money related market helped the nation maintain a strategic distance from a significant number of issues with terrible home loans that influenced the United States. Then again, innovation organizations are less noteworthy to Canada's economy, and this prompted relative shortcoming in the Canadian dollar during the tech blast in the United States during the 1990s. Additionally, the ware blast of the 2000s prompted an outflanking loonie.

It is noted changes of money related measures are the target, and is among those phases to amass accurate Canadian Dollar to Pakistani Rupee rate today. This CAD to PKR today page introduces to-date revives with without fail changes in return rates and consistent CAD to PKR rates, every day. With, remote trade rates and cash changes are open right away. With step by step invigorates, customers can without much of a stretch find CAD to PKR Today. Moreover, frameworks, subtleties, and open market rates are in like manner available on the page for further hypotheses.

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