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202.36 PKR

17 Jun 2024 - Today, the 1 CAD to PKR conversion rate is PKR 202.00 in the interbank exchange rate, as set by the State Bank of Pakistan. The Canadian Dollar to PKR buying and selling rates differ in the interbank market compared to the "CAD to PKR" open market. Canadian Dollar to Pakistani Rupee trading at the interbank rate remained unchanged from yesterday.

Interbank CAD Rate
17 Jun 24 PKR202.00 PKR202.36
Open Market Rate
17 Jun 24 PKR204.00 PKR206.00
1 Canadian Dollar = 202.36 Pakistani Rupees
As on Jun 17, 2024 at 09:18 PST (GMT+5)
CAD to PKR Stats
Last 30 days Last 90 days
High 204.45 206.66
Low 202.27 200.95
Average 203.33 203.23
CAD TO PKR chart & Graph
Canadian Dollar Profile
Name Symbol Minor Unit Minor Unit Symbol
Canadian Dollar $ 1/100 = cent ¢

CAD to PKR Interbank Rates History

Date Buying Selling
Today 202 202.36
17 Jun, 24 202.00 202.36
16 Jun, 24 202.00 202.36
15 Jun, 24 202.00 202.36
14 Jun, 24 202.00 202.36
13 Jun, 24 202.00 202.36
12 Jun, 24 202.00 202.36
11 Jun, 24 201.90 202.27
10 Jun, 24 203.43 203.80
09 Jun, 24 203.43 203.80
08 Jun, 24 203.43 203.80
07 Jun, 24 203.28 203.65
06 Jun, 24 203.37 203.73
05 Jun, 24 203.82 204.19
04 Jun, 24 203.83 204.20
03 Jun, 24 203.26 203.62
What is CAD to PKR Today?

Weekly performance of CAD to PKR shows increased in value and Pakistani Rupee is up by PKR 1.26 or 0.619%. The peak conversion exchange rate of Canadian Dollar to PKR was PKR 202.36 and lowest PKR 202.27 conversion.

Monthly fluctuation during the last 30 days as follows for CAD to PKR: High PKR 204.45 and Low PKR 202.27 in value, where buying was PKR 202 and Selling 202.36

What factors affect the CAD to PKR exchange rate?

The CAD to PKR exchange rate is affected by several factors, including the economic conditions of both countries, interest rates, inflation rates, political stability, and global market trends. For instance, if the Canadian economy is performing well, and the Bank of Canada raises interest rates, this will strengthen the Canadian dollar and result in a higher CAD to PKR exchange rate. Similarly, if Pakistan's economy is struggling with high inflation rates and political instability, this will weaken the Pakistani rupee, resulting in a lower Canada currency to PKR exchange rate.

Other factors that can affect the CAD to PKR exchange rate include international trade and investment flows, foreign exchange reserves, and geopolitical tensions. A significant increase in Canadian exports to Pakistan, for example, would lead to an increased demand for the CAD, strengthening its exchange rate against the PKR.

Exchanging Canadian Dollar to PKR in Canada vs. Pakistan?

Exchanging CAD to PKR in Canada or Pakistan will largely depend on the purpose and duration of the transaction. If you are planning to travel to Pakistan, it is advisable to exchange Canadian Dollar to PKR in Pakistan, as it is likely to be more convenient and cost-effective.

However, if you are a Pakistani resident looking to invest in Canada, it may be more practical to exchange PKR to CAD in Pakistan before making the investment. This will allow you to have a beter understanding of the current exchange rate and any associated fees and charges.

It is also important to consider the current Canadian Dollar to PKR exchange rate, as well as any potential fluctuations, when deciding where to exchange currency. Online currency converters and market analysis can be helpful tools in making informed decisions about exchanging CAD to PKR.


How much is 1 Canadian Dollar to PKR today?

Today 1 Canadian Dollar to PKR is Rs 202.36. In the last 30 days, the rate of CAD to PKR is fallen.

What is the CAD to PKR Interbank Rate today?

The CAD to PKR Interbank Rate today is 202.36 Pakistani Rupees for selling.

What is the CAD to PKR Open Market Rate today?

The CAD to PKR Open Market Rate today is 206.00 Pakistani Rupees for selling.

How much is 50 CAD in PKR?

50 CAD is equivalent to 10118.00 Pakistani Rupees today.

How much is 100 CAD in PKR?

100 CAD is equivalent to 20236.00 Pakistani Rupees today.

How can I exchange Canadian Dollar to Pakistani rupees?

You can exchange Canadian Dollar into Pakistani Rupees from the money changers or currency exchange currencies.

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