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2.82 PKR

Today The official State Bank of Pakistan conversion rate for 1 INR to PKR is PKR 2.82 in the Interbank exchange rate. Compared to doing so with the currency of your native land, this ensures a profitable exchange rate. The buying and selling rates of the INR to Pakistani Rupee PKR differ in the interbank and currency exchange or open market rates. The currency charts below show the Indian Rupee in relation to the Pakistan Open Market. To convert currencies online, use the calculator below.

1 Indian Rupee = 2.82 Pakistani Rupees
As on Dec 06, 2022 at 01:32 PST (GMT+5)
INR to PKR Stats
Last 30 days Last 90 days
High 2.83 3.09
Low 2.75 2.73
Average 2.81 2.84
INR TO PKR chart & Graph

INR to PKR Interbank Rates History

Date Buying Selling
Today 2.74 2.82
What is INR to PKR Today?

Indian Rupee to PKR

Indian Rupee to Pakistani Rupee Today: India and Pakistan are neighboring countries but have a tense relation from their independence from Great Britain. Both countries also fought a war with each other on different occasions. On the other side, both countries also do trade with each other. However, the INR to PKR rate is crucial for people who want to convert the Indian currency into Pakistani currency. However, with the PKR to INR rate page, they can easily check the value of Pakistani Rupees in Indian Rupees also check Pakistan open market currency rates. The Indian Rupee is available in the form of 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 and 200 rupees notes. However, bigger denomination notes are Rs 500 and Rs 2,000.

The history of Indian Rupee or INR is originated from the 6th century BC. At that time, India and China were the only countries which issue coins. On the other side, the origin of the word also comes from Sanskrit Rupiya that represents the coin of silver. Sher Shah Suri presented a fixed financial framework in the 16thcentury. Right now, a silver rupee rose to 40 bits of copper.

The rupee recently isolated into 16 annas, starting in 1835, and 100 paise starting in 1957. It is noted that the Indian Rupee was pegged on several occasions. First, it was pegged in 1898 against the British Rupee that was the main currency at that time. Before the start of 2010, the government of India uses the symbol such as Re, Rs to represent Rupee. Today, other non-Indian rupee monetary standards utilize those Latin images.

The Reserve Bank of India is a key institution in India as it involved in the issuance of banknotes and coins in the country from the independence of India from Great Britain in 1947. The Bank is doing its responsibilities effectively in collaboration with relevant organizations or institutions. However, most coins highlight a front picture of the four-lion capital of Ashoka, the seal if India.

India is a money-based economy, which has brought about phoney cash being flowed by those occupied with unlawful conduct. It is needed that the Reserve Bank of India should further update the banknotes with new and updated security features. Counterfeit notes, which may seem like legitimate notes, are falsified by tax criminals and psychological oppressors. Ordinarily, the high categories are generally the most falsified notes.

In 2016, the Indian Government declared the demonetization of every one of the 500 and 1,000 banknotes of the Mahatma Gandhi Series, asserting it would hamstring the underground economy, utilizing illicit and fake money in subsidizing criminal behaviour and fear-based oppression substantially more troublesome. In India, the picture of Mahatma Gandhi is vastly visible on different notes. However, Mahatma Gandhi is the founder of India and did the great effort to liberate the country from Great Britain.

The the rupee has been dependent upon different capital controls and convertibility confinements throughout the years. For instance, it is illicit for remote nationals to import or fare rupees, and Indian nationals may just import and fare rupees in constrained sums. The present record, which is included the nation's reserve funds and speculation streams, has no cash transformation confinements.


Q. What is the rate of Indian Rupee today in Pakistan?

A. Indian Rupee rate today in Pakistan is Rs 2.82. In the last 30 days, the rate of Indian Rupee is .

Q. How much is 1 Indian Rupee to PKR today?

A. 1 Indian Rupee equals 2.82 Pakistani rupees. However, the rate fluctuates on a regular basis. It is a reason that it is crucial for investors to remain updated with the INR to PKR today rate.

Q. How to calculate INR to PKR exchange rate?

A. There are different methods to calculate the INR to PKR exchange rate. However, the simplest one is that first, you have to check the rate of one Indian Rupee in Pakistan. In the next step, multiply the rate by the amount in currency. For example, if one Indian Rupee is equal to 2.82 Pakistani Rupees then ten Indian Rupee will be equivalent to RS 28.20.

Q. How can I exchange Indian Rupee to Pakistani rupees?

A. You can exchange Indian Rupee into Pakistani Rupees from the money changers or currency exchange currencies. However, it is recommended to first view the latest INR to PKR rate to not become a victim of any fraud.

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