Jul 10, 2020 at 11:59 PST (GMT+5):
MYR to PKR exchange rate is RS 39.00 in the currency market today. There is a trading difference from the previous day in Malaysian Ringgit to Pakistan Rupee has decrease PKR 0.00 or 0.00% on 10 Jul trading in currency conversion or open market rate.

Malaysian Ringgit To Pakistani Rupee

1.00 MYR = PKR 39.00 1 PKR = 0.025641 MYR
As on Jul 10, 2020 at 11:59 PST (GMT+5)
MYR to PKR Stats
Last 30 days Last 90 days
High 39 39
Low 38.45 35.55
Average 38.828 37.6

MYR to PKR Open Market Forex Rates HISTORY

Date Symbol Buying Selling
Today MYR To PKR 38.65 39.00
09 Jul, 2020 MYR To PKR 38.65 39.00
08 Jul, 2020 MYR To PKR 38.55 38.90
07 Jul, 2020 MYR To PKR 38.55 38.90
06 Jul, 2020 MYR To PKR 38.65 39.00
04 Jul, 2020 MYR To PKR 38.65 39.00
03 Jul, 2020 MYR To PKR 38.65 39.00
02 Jul, 2020 MYR To PKR 38.65 39.00
01 Jul, 2020 MYR To PKR 38.55 38.90
30 Jun, 2020 MYR To PKR 38.55 38.90
29 Jun, 2020 MYR To PKR 38.55 38.90

MYR to PKR Rates in Pakistan

Malaysian Ringgit MYR to PKR Pakistan Rupee - Weekly performance of MYR to PKR shows increased in PKR -0.10 or -0.257% in value where peak conversion exchange rate of MYR to PKR was PKR 39 and lowest PKR 38.9 conversion. Monthly fluctuation during the last 30 days as follows for MYR to PKR: High PKR 39 and Low PKR 38.45 in value, where buying was PKR 38.65 and Selling 39.00

What is the rate of MYR to PKR today?
MYR to PKR buying rate is Rs 38.65 & Selling Rate is Rs 39.00 on 10 Jul, 2020

MYR to PKR - Malaysian Ringgit to PKR- Are you fed up of searching accurate Ringgit to PKR, MYR to PKR Rate or Malaysian Ringgit to Pakistani Rupees? And could not find exact MYR to PKR rates? Then go through Ringgit to PKR rates on this web portal because this website had provided complete information and flawless Ringgit to PKR rates, Ringgit to Pakistani Rate Rupee Today or 1 MYR to PKR rates.

On this page you will daily get exchange rates of Ringgit to PKR and other descriptive information. The Weekly performance of MYR to PKR rate shows that today 1 Ringgit to PKR is equivalent to PKR of 37.90. Let’s plough in more information about both currencies and their exchange rates.

Before moving forward to MYR to PKR rates either Ringgit to PKR rates or the act of Malaysian Ringgit to PKR Today. It is vital to get an account of both currencies so in this way the MYR or Malaysian Ringgit is the national or local currency of Malaysia and on the other hand PKR or Pakistani Rupees is the official currency of Pakistan. At the present stage, Malaysian Ringgit is one of the popular currency that is used for exchanging purposes. However, due to comprehensively decline in the economic sector of Malaysia the country had to face a serious downturn in MYR.

On the hand Pakistani Rupees are not as such greatly used for exchanging purposes comparatively with other world currencies. Due to poor and unstable economic conditions of the country and weakens economy resulted in currency disparities. In this way, it is obvious that MYR to PKR or Malaysian Ringgit to Pakistani Rupees are under the economic crisis. However, if we had to compare Malaysian Ringgit to PKR then Ringgit is placed at the higher level and demanded currency as compare to Pakistani Rupees.

Also Check PKR to MYR Currency Rates Today and today open market currency exchange rate.

As Malaysia is the developed country it has favourable socio-economic and political conditions so the currency is also impressive for exchange rates. On contrary, Pakistan is underdeveloped country, majority of the people are under the relative and below the poverty line under these circumstances it is hard to stabilize the economy of the country and made PKR as favourable currency for trading purposes. However, it is also appreciable that throughout the period both currencies had to struggle hard and faced severe challenges. As after the independence of Pakistan, the country has no banking system and after the emerging of banking system only 2 notes or some coins were issued in the country after sever crisis and setbacks some progressive reforms were made and outcome of several banknotes and coins.

To this date the banknotes and coins are circulated in the country by the authority of State Bank of Pakistan under the denomination of 1, 2, 5 and 10 coins or 10, 20,50,100,500,1000 and 5000 banknotes. And if we compare Pakistani Rupees from past few years then we found at least some progression, the PKR is finally under the list of 30 Global economies.

Beyond it the Malaysian Ringgit had also faced great crisis once the currency was at the top level and significantly used for free-floating of trade but after the economic crisis MYR was drop down and even regarded as the non-traded currency. But stable now and countries had used it for trading needs nevertheless, it is also true that this crisis severely damaged and affected the country’s economic condition that is still impacting the country.

Initially, the country had widely used Malaya and British Borneo Dollar and then used Malaysian dollars which were changed in 1957 and came to known as Malaysian Ringgit. Today the Malaysian Ringgit coins and notes are available in the country is under the denomination of 5sen, 10sen, 20sen and 50sen coins and banknotes of 1, 5 10, 20, 50 and 100 MYR and are regulated by Bank Negara Malaysia.

In-spite of difference in Malaysian Ringgit and Pakistani currencies both are exchanging their currencies because both countries have cooperated in peaceful diplomatic and traded relation, the flow of selling and buying of goods and services are very common and significant between Malaysia and Pakistan. In this way it is necessary to check out Malaysian Ringgit to PKR Today because the goods and products are selling and buying in exchanging rates as both countries have different currencies.

Apart from that due to fluctuation in the economic level through several factors it is also very important to keep updated about the economic condition of both countries and for this purpose it is necessary to anticipate Ringgit to Pakistani Rupee Today and on this platform you can easily explore Today Malaysian Ringgit Rate in Pakistani Rupees along with weekly performances or graphs and statistics.

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