MYR to PKR Rate Today

58.68 PKR

22 Apr 2024 - Today 1 MYR to PKR conversion rate is PKR 58.68 in Interbank exchange rate as an official rate by State Bank of Pakistan. Malaysian Ringgit to PKR buying and selling rates are different in inter bank and open market rates. Malaysian Ringgit to Pakistani Rupee has fallen down by PKR 0.16 or 0.272% on trading in Interbank rate. Use the calculator below to convert currencies online.

1 Malaysian Ringgit = 58.68 Pakistani Rupees
As on Apr 22, 2024 at 04:06 PST (GMT+5)
MYR to PKR Stats
Last 30 days Last 90 days
High 59.85 60.24
Low 58.68 58.68
Average 59.55 59.52
MYR TO PKR chart & Graph
Malaysian Ringgit Profile
Name Symbol Minor Unit Minor Unit Symbol
Malaysian Ringgit RM 1/100 = sen sen

MYR to PKR Interbank Rates History

Date Buying Selling
Today 58.08 58.68
18 Apr, 24 58.08 58.68
16 Apr, 24 58.24 58.84
15 Apr, 24 58.24 58.84
14 Apr, 24 58.92 59.52
13 Apr, 24 58.92 59.52
10 Apr, 24 58.92 59.52
09 Apr, 24 58.92 59.52
08 Apr, 24 58.92 59.52
07 Apr, 24 58.92 59.52
06 Apr, 24 58.92 59.52
What is MYR to PKR Today?

Weekly performance of MYR to PKR shows increased in value and Pakistani Rupee is up by PKR 0.84 or 1.411%. The peak conversion exchange rate of Malaysian Ringgit to PKR was PKR 58.84 and lowest PKR 58.68 conversion.

Monthly fluctuation during the last 30 days as follows for MYR to PKR: High PKR 59.85 and Low PKR 58.68 in value, where buying was PKR 58.08 and Selling 58.68

MYR to PKR - Malaysian Ringgit to PKR- Are you fed up of searching accurate Ringgit to PKR, MYR to PKR Rate or Malaysian Ringgit to Pakistani Rupees? And could not find exact MYR to PKR rates? Then go through Ringgit to PKR rates on this web portal because this website had provided complete information and flawless Ringgit to PKR rates, Ringgit to Pakistani Rate Rupee Today or 1 MYR to PKR rates.

On this page you will daily get exchange rates of Malaysia currency to PKR and other descriptive information. The Weekly performance of Malaysia currency to PKR rate shows that today 1 Ringgit to PKR is equivalent to PKR of 26. Let’s plough in more information about both currencies and their exchange rates.

Before moving forward to MYR to PKR rates either Ringgit to PKR rates or the act of Malaysian Ringgit to PKR Today. It is vital to get an account of both currencies so in this way the MYR or Malaysian Ringgit is the national or local currency of Malaysia and on the other hand PKR or Pakistani Rupees is the official currency of Pakistan. At the present stage, Malaysian Ringgit is one of the popular currency that is used for exchanging purposes. However, due to comprehensively decline in the economic sector of Malaysia the country had to face a serious downturn in MYR.

Malaysian Ringgit to Pakistani Rupee

The conversion from 1 Ringgit to PKR is a crucial aspect for individuals engaging in currency exchange. Monitoring the RM to PKR exchange rate is essential, and the process involves assessing the value of one Malaysian Ringgit in terms of Pakistani Rupees.

Understanding the RM to PKR conversion is particularly relevant due to the economic conditions and stability of both Malaysia and Pakistan. The exchange rate can fluctuate based on various factors, necessitating a comprehensive evaluation before any currency transactions.

MYR to PKR Exchange Rate

When individuals seek to convert RM to PKR, it is important to be mindful of potential fees and conversion rates imposed by banks or exchange bureaus. Conducting a thorough comparison of rates from multiple sources ensures a more informed decision, allowing individuals to secure favorable terms.

Investors, traders, and those involved in currency transactions can benefit from staying updated on economic developments in Malaysia and Pakistan. Political factors and the overall sentiment in the currency market play a significant role in influencing the RM to PKR exchange rate.

In conclusion, the conversion from 1 Ringgit to PKR involves a nuanced understanding of exchange rates, fees, and market dynamics. By staying informed and conducting careful comparisons, individuals can navigate currency transactions more effectively and make informed decisions in the context of the RM to PKR exchange rate.


How much is 1 Malaysian Ringgit to PKR today?

Today 1 Malaysian Ringgit to PKR is Rs 58.68. In the last 30 days, the rate of MYR to PKR is fallen down.

What is the MYR to PKR Open Market Rate today?

The MYR to PKR Open Market Rate today is 58.68 Pakistani Rupees for selling.

How much is 50 MYR in PKR?

50 MYR is equivalent to 2934.00 Pakistani Rupees today.

How much is 100 MYR in PKR?

100 MYR is equivalent to 5868.00 Pakistani Rupees today.

How can I exchange Malaysian Ringgit to Pakistani rupees?

You can exchange Malaysian Ringgit into Pakistani Rupees from the money changers or currency exchange currencies.

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