OMR to PKR Rate Today

746.71 PKR

Today the official State Bank of Pakistan conversion rate for 1 OMR to PKR is PKR 753 in the Interbank exchange rate. Compared to doing so with the currency of your native land, this ensures a profitable exchange rate. The buying and selling rates of the Omani to Pakistani Rupee PKR differ in the interbank and currency exchange or open market rates. The currency charts below show the Indian Rupee in relation to the Pakistan Open Market. To convert currencies online, use the calculator below.

1 Omani Riyal = 746.71 Pakistani Rupees
As on Dec 10, 2023 at 06:10 PST (GMT+5)
OMR to PKR Stats
Last 30 days Last 90 days
High 756.71 806.42
Low 742.05 726.24
Average 749.82 751.66
OMR TO PKR chart & Graph
Omani Riyal Profile
Name Symbol Minor Unit Minor Unit Symbol
Omani Riyal 1/1000 = Baisa bz

OMR to PKR Interbank Rates History

Date Buying Selling
Today 738.71 746.71
What is OMR to PKR Today?

If you are resides in Oman and wants to transfer money to your family who live in Pakistan either if you are a supplier or trading goods and products between Pakistan and Oman and so on.

Can I exchange OMR to PKR at an airport?

If you are traveling to Pakistan and need Pakistani rupees, you may wonder if you can exchange Omani Riyal to PKR at the airport. While most airports have currency exchange services, it is advisable to exchange money before you leave Oman or Pakistan. Airport exchange services are known to have higher exchange rates and fees compared to other exchange providers. Therefore, you may end up receiving a lower exchange rate and paying more fees at the airport for OMR to PKR. It's always better to compare exchange rates and fees offered by different exchange providers in Oman or Pakistan and select the one that suits you best.

Is it better to exchange OMR to PKR in Oman or Pakistan?

Coming to the question of whether it's better to exchange Omani riyals for Pakistani rupees in Oman or Pakistan, it depends on several factors. Firstly, it's essential to check the exchange rates and fees offered by exchange providers in Oman and Pakistan for Oman currency to PKR exchange. Generally, the exchange rates in Oman are more stable than Pakistan, which means you may receive a better exchange rate in Oman. However, it's always better to check current exchange rates and compare them between both countries. Secondly, if you have leftover Omani riyals, it's better to exchange them in Oman as they may not be accepted in Pakistan. Therefore, it's advisable to plan and budget your expenses and exchange money accordingly before traveling to Pakistan.


How much is 1 Omani Riyal to PKR today?

Today 1 Omani Riyal to PKR is Rs 746.71. In the last 30 days, the rate of OMR to PKR is .

What is the OMR to PKR Interbank Rate today?

The OMR to PKR Interbank Rate today is Pakistani Rupees for selling.

What is the OMR to PKR Open Market Rate today?

The OMR to PKR Open Market Rate today is 746.71 Pakistani Rupees for selling.

How much is 50 OMR in PKR?

50 OMR is equivalent to 37335.50 Pakistani Rupees today.

How much is 100 OMR in PKR?

100 OMR is equivalent to 74671.00 Pakistani Rupees today.

How can I exchange Omani Riyal to Pakistani rupees?

You can exchange Omani Riyal into Pakistani Rupees from the money changers or currency exchange currencies.

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