How to calculate zakat?

How to calculate zakat?

Zakat being one of the pillars of Islam is the potentially undying charity system which fights capitalism. It prevents from poor getting poor forever and gives them a chance to try, survive, and educate themselves and to create a status-evolving progress. Zakat is basically a fraction of money which is obligatory to pay for every Muslim who is capable and has enough savings of money. It is a tiny fraction of money that when gathered together from all Ummah makes up a large amount, much enough to eradicate suffering from the world.

Your Zakat donation should amount to 2.5% of your annual total wealth accumulated over the year. The nisab value is directly related to the current values of gold and silver. In the Holy Qur’an, the nisab value is described as 612.36g of silver or 87.48g of gold. Assets that are included in the Zakat calculation are shares, cash, gold, pensions, silver, business goods and income from investment property.

Personal items such as furniture, cars, food, home and clothing (unless used for business purposes) are not included.

Zakat is an obligation and a must practice to perform. Have you calculated your zakat? It is always the tiniest fraction of our savings and infuse blessing and abundance in your account.

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