How Much Does Hajj Cost 2020 from Pakistan?

According to the Minister of Religious Affair, this time government of Pakistan in Hajj cost 2020 introduces the packages of the price of Rs 490,000 for the north region and Rs 480,000 for the South region.

How Much Does Hajj Cost 2020 from Pakistan?

The price is increased 53, 000 Rs on the cost of Hajj Package 2020.
The Hajj cost 2020 increase because of a rise in the fare of flights of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA). And additional fees imposed by the Saudi government of SR 300 on visa and SR 110 for mandatory health insurance.

Hajj Policy 2020 Pakistan Price for Karachi
The total Hajj cost 2020 from Karachi and Sukkar is Rs 480,000 with Qurbani.
Similarly the final Hajj cost 2020 from Quetta is Rs 480,000 including the price of Qurbani.

Hajj Packages 2020 Islamabad & Rawalpindi
The Hajj cost 2020 mentioned from Islamabad and Rawalpindi is Rs. 490,000, the price of Qurbani is also added in this package.
However the Hajj cost 2020 package offer from Peshawar and Multan is of Rs. 490,000 with Qurbani,

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Hajj is now more difficult to do any middle class people but those peoples do that and know the cost of Hajj in 2020 in Pakistan so visit here and get it

  • bilal , islamabad
  • Thu 27 Feb, 2020