Rules Regarding Haircut During Hajj Or Umrah

There are some rules that a Muslim should follow while performing Hajj or Umrah

Hajj and Umrah are the obligated Islamic ritual that needs to be performed once in a life time. The Muslim can perform Umrah at any time of the year and Hajj is performed only in the month of Zilhaj. There are significant rules that are needed to be followed religiously. One of the main rules while performing Hajj/Umrah is Shaving or haircut during the pilgrimage.
Men shave their hair as it Sunnah. It is necessary to shave or trim at least on quarter of the hair after performing the pilgrimage. The compensation of not shaving will be the result of giving (sacrificial animal).
• However it is prohibited for women to shave their hair so therefore they trim their hair braided equaling to a finger tip. The trimming should be done by a mehram
• The pilgrimage should not clip their nail and put off their irham, if do so then there is a amount of atonement that should be paid.
• The pilgrimage should cut their hair in the boundaries of Haram whether if t they are performing Hajj.

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