Rules Regarding Ihram For Men And Women

Here are some rules that a Hajj or Umrah pilgrim should follow regarding Ihram

Rules regarding Ihram:
To perform the Umrah or Hajj the Muslims are obliged to enter in Ihram. Ihram is a condition to carry out the required ritual for the complete of Hajj and Umrah and also to wear two white sheet cloths, designed for the purpose of Hajj and Umrah.
Ghusl: perform ghusl with the intention of Irham.
Ihram sheet: men wear the white sheet with “Izar” covers the waist and “Rida” covers the upper body.
Women wear their ordinary clothes covering their hairs. They are not allowed to cover their faces with veil; they can cover their faces with other resource in presence of any Na-mehram if they want.
Perform Nafal prayer: both are to offer two raka’t of Nafal Salah making intention of Hajj or Umrah. The Nafal can be performed before leaving home.
Talbiyah: The Talbiyah should be reciting 3 times after offering Nafl Salah.

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