Umrah Visa Policy For Algeria

New Umrah Visa Policy 2019-20 (1441 AD) has been announced by the Saudi government.

Every Muslim has a desire to perform Umrah. Recently, the Saudi government announced the policy for people who want to perform Umrah. According to the new Umrah Visa Policy 2019-20 (1441 AD), the issuance of visa will begin from Muharram 10, 1441 AD, Sep 10, 2019. Algeria is an African country and has a significant Muslim population. In 2018 and 2019, several people from Algeria came for Umrah. As per the statistics of Ministry of Hajj and Umrah, around 365,754 Muslims came to perform the religious ritual.

Umrah Visa Fee for Algeria
From now, Saudi government has been introduced online Umrah visa or called Umrah e-visa for pilgrims going for Umrah. There is no visa fee for Umrah going from Algeria on their first visit or at least spend two years from last Umrah visit. For those people who are visiting within two years of their last Umra visit, they will have to pay SAR 2000 Umrah Fee.

Umrah Visa Consulate in Algeria
Address: 5-6 Rue Doudou Mokhtar، Ben Aknoun 16306, Algeria
Phone: +213 23 23 84 42

Umrah Visa Agents in Algeria
> Gfaf Voyages
Address: 64 شارع حماموش عابد وهران الجزائر
Phone Number: 0021341321534

> Gharb Tours
Address: شارع مداني قادري عين تموشت
Phone Number: 0021343796587

> Cmt Carrefour Du Monde Tours
Address: 61 نهج سويداني بو جمعة المرادية الجزائر العاصمة
Phone Number: 0021323471550

Gfaf Voyages
Address: 52 شارع العربي التبسي 13300 مغنية الجزائر
Phone Number: 041400400

Sarl Aicha Tour
Address: الجزائر مدينة سيدي بلعباس 04 شارع بهلول عبدالقادر 4 شارع بهلول عبدالقادر سيدي بلعباس
Phone Number: 00213554804420

> Agence Madiha Tourisme Et Voyages Amtv
Address: 21شارع بن التونسي ميله43000
Phone Number: 0021331480303

> Elachour Voyages
Address: عيساوي التوهامي السوق المغطاة 1006 مسكن 19سطيف
Phone Number: 0555625567

> Hyppone Tours
Address: حي سيدي عيسى رقم 01 فيلا 101 عنابة الجزائر
Phone Number: 0021338559173

> Dida Voyages Et Tourisme
Address: 03 شارع الثورة التحريرية عنابة 23000 الجزائر
Phone Number: 00966594002374

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