Umrah Visa Policy For Egypt

New Umrah Visa Policy 2019-20 (1441 AD) has been announced by the Saudi government.

Muslims considers a great honour for themselves to do Umrah. As, the Saudi government now revealed the policy for Umrah to provide easiness to pilgrims. However, after  the new Umrah Visa Policy 2019-20 (1441 AD), the issuance of visa will begin from Muharram 10, 1441 AD, Sep 10, 2019. Egypt is regarded among key Muslim countries with the vast number of Muslims. In 2018 and 2019, several pilgrims from Egypt came for Umrah. As per the statistics of Ministry of Hajj and Umrah, around 541,951 Muslims came to perform the religious ritual.

Umrah Visa Fee for Egypt
From now, Saudi government has been introduced online Umrah visa or called Umrah e-visa for pilgrims going for Umrah. There is no visa fee for Umrah going from Egypt fon their first visit or at least spend two years from last Umrah visit. For those people who are visiting within two years of their last Umra visit, they will have to pay SAR 2000 Umrah Fee.


Umrah Visa Consulate in Egypt
Address: 2 Al Yaman St, Ad Doqi A, Dokki, Giza Governorate, Egypt
Phone: +20 2 37625000

Umrah Visa Agents in Egypt
> New Fustat Tours
Address: 28 شارع نابيلون التحرير
Phone Number: 002025749577

> Al Hanove Travel
Address: شارع طيبة المهندسين
Phone Number: 0020237609567

> Najd Marine Tours
Address: شارع شامبليون ش
Phone Number: 01229808966

> Dreamers Travel
Address: 343 ش جمال عبد الناصر ميامى الاسكندرية
Phone Number: 002035874013

> Intratour
Address: الزمالك 6 شارع زكريا رزق
Phone Number: 00201068808409

> Harty Tours
Address: 23 ش الأسماعيلية كفر عبده-رشدي-الأسكندرية
Phone Number: 00201068901700

Al Buhirah
> Shahen Int. Tours
Address: دمنهور شارع عبدالسلام الشاذلي
Phone Number: 0020453345482

> Aleez International
Address: شارع عبد السلام الشاذلي بجوار نقابه التطبقين دمنهور بحيره
Phone Number: 00201007530001

Borg Elarab
> Family Tours
Address: 225 شارع بور سعيد كليوباترا الاسكندرية
Phone Number: 002035455024

> Egypt International Tours
Address: 111 شارع السيد محمد كريم الجمرك الإسكندريه
Phone Number: 034816068

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