What is Hajj Policy 2020 in Pakistan?

Minister of Religious Affairs Noor ul Haq announced the Hajj Policy 2020 on 11-February-2020 after the approval of the Government of Pakistan. According to policy 179, 210 pilgrimages will allow performing Hajj annually. This year the government increased by Rs 53,000 in the Hajj package 2020.

What is Hajj Policy 2020 in Pakistan?

The government has set the 40:60 ratios of private and government in Hajj policy 2020. So the government will manage 107,000 pilgrimages while private tour agencies will maintain the rest of the pilgrims. Banks with more than 250 branches will be able to receive the Hajj application in 2020. This year direct flights will be operational from Quetta to Jeddah and Medina.

How much does Hajj cost 2020 from Pakistan?
After the rise of Rs 53,000 in the Hajj cost 2020 the prices of Hajj package is also increased. The government package will cost 490,000 for north region pilgrims whereas Rs 480,000 for south region pilgrimage. The government increases the Hajj cost 2020 because of the increase in the fare of flights of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA). And additional fee imposed by Saudi government of SR 300 on visa and SR 110 for mandatory health insurance.

Pakistan government price forHajj package 2020
The government Hajj Package 2019 price was Rs. 446,426 with Qurbani in Karachi/ Quetta/Sukkur whereas from Isd/ Lhr/ Pew/ Mul/ Skt price wasRs. 456,426 with Qurbani. But in comparison with the 2019 Hajj package this year the Rs 53,000is increase in total amount by the government of Pakistan. So the price of Hajj package 2020 in Karachi/ Quetta / Sukkar will be of Rs 480,000 and from Isd/ Lhr/ Pew/ Mul it will cost Rs. 490,000.

What is Hajj application date 2020 from Pakistan?
According to the Minister of Religious Affairs, the Hajj application 2020will begin on government quota from 24th February. It will be submitted in more than 250 branches of banks. The submission of government quota will last for 2 weeks for Hajj application 2020 and bank will keep the amount of money of pilgrims in sharia-compliant accounts.

How to submit Hajj application 2020 from Pakistan?
To submit the online Hajj application 2020 from Pakistan you will download the application form, fill it with correct information and attaching the entire necessary document you will submit hajj application 2020 at any 250 branches of government selected banks.

What will be the criteria for Hajj scheme 2020?
According to the Hajj scheme, 2020 following people will be able to go to perform Hajj 2020. For Hajj 2020 quota of 1,000 people is reserve for overseas Pakistan who wants to do Hajj with their families.
10,000 seats will allocate for those pilgrims who have failed to get their names selected for three times. They will get an additional chance in Hajj scheme 2020.
Applicant must have a valid passport until February 2021, health certificate and CNIC.
10,000 seats will reserve for people of over 70 years of age and they would be sent with balloting for Hajj 2020.

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