What Is Ihram In Hajj?

Ihram is the clothing for Hajj for Muslim men and women. It is usually a two clothe white colour sheets for men to prevail in universal brotherhood and also show that all human beings are equal in the eyes of Allah.

The ihram is mandatory for all the Hajj as well as' ‘Umrah and is regarded as their basic element for Hajj or Umrah as well. All the five schools of Islam agree that the miqat of the people of al-Madinah from where they assume ihram is Masjid al-Shajarah, also known as Dhu al-Hulayfah; for the pilgrims of alSham (which includes the Syrians, the Lebanese, the Palestinians and the Jordanians, noting further that the routes have changed from what they used to be in the past), Morocco and Egypt the miqat is alJuhfah; for the pilgrims of Iraq, it is al-’Aqiq; for those from Yemen and others who take the same route, it is Yalamlam.

There is no disagreement among the legal schools with respect to the ihram being an essential rukn of the ‘Umrah and all the three forms of the Hajj, namely, tamattu; qiran and ifrad. Also, there is no difference of opinion that ihram is the first act of the pilgrim, irrespective of whether his purpose is ‘Umrah mufradah or any of the three forms of Hajj.

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