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Surah Muzammil is the 73 Surah in Quran and found in Parah 29 with total of 20 verses. Surah Muzammil read online & listen audio mp3 in the voice of Abd-Ur Rahman As-Sudais and Suood As-Shuraim. It is a Makki Surah revealed in Makkah. Surah Muzammil read online with Urdu and English translations.


Para: 29 | Voice: Abd-ur Rahman As-Sudais & Su'ood As-Shuraim

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Surah Muzammil Read Online

Listen the recitation and Surah Muzammil audio here. Besides the text and translation, the Surah Muzammil MP3 download is great for people who read Quran. Surah Al Muzammil is the 73rd Surah of the Holy Quran. The Surah comprises 20 Ayats. This Surah was revealed in one year. The literal meaning of Muzammil is something that is “enfolded”, or bundled up”. According to some sources Al- Muzammil is referenced to Holy Prophet Muhammad (صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم). At the beginning of Surah Muzammil, Allah Almighty is preparing Prophet Muhammad (صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم) for a significant revelation.

Surah Muzammil Read

Embark on a spiritual journey by exploring Surah Muzammil read online. Dive into the verses that encapsulate divine wisdom and guidance. Enhance your connection with the divine by immersing yourself in the captivating recitations, available in both Urdu and English translations.

Surah Muzammil Audio

Explore the versatility of Surah Muzammil audio & read online options. Experience the divine revelations of Surah Muzammil audio, delivered in Makkah. Immerse yourself in the eloquent recitations by Abd-Ur Rahman As-Sudais and Suood As-Shuraim, adding depth to your spiritual connection. These renowned voices bring the verses to life, allowing listeners to absorb the sacred teachings seamlessly.

Surah Muzammil Benefits

Tranquility and Calmness: Regular recitation of Surah Al-Muzammil is believed to bring peace of mind and calmness to the reader.

Worry Alleviation: The surah is considered effective in alleviating worries and anxieties, providing solace to those facing difficulties.

Seeking Allah's Mercy: Reciting Surah Muzammil is a means to seek Allah's mercy and blessings.

Encouragement for Night Prayers: The surah encourages the practice of Tahajjud (night prayers), fostering a stronger connection with Allah during the quiet hours of the night.

Enhanced Concentration in Worship: Regular recitation is thought to enhance concentration during acts of worship, aiding in a more focused and meaningful prayer.

Solace and Protection: The verses of Surah Muzammil are believed to offer solace and protection to those who recite them, acting as a shield against negative influences.

Blessings and Guidance: Consistent recitation is thought to attract blessings and divine guidance in one's life.

Spiritual Connection: Surah Muzammil is considered a means to deepen one's spiritual connection with Allah, fostering a sense of closeness and devotion.

Promotion of Peace: Reciting this surah is believed to contribute to inner peace and spiritual well-being.

Foreigners whose native language is English can easily understand the teachings of Holy Quran through online English translations. You can easily listen and understand the meaning of Surah recited in a clear and beautiful voice. You can even listen to Surah Muzammil MP3 or Surah Muzammil audio here. You can listen to this Surah anytime and anywhere online from this page. You can read Surah Muzammil online and browse it by Ayat wise as well.

Where is Surah Muzammil located in the Quran?

Surah Muzammil is located in Parah 29 of the Quran.

How many verses does Surah Muzammil have?

Surah Muzammil has 20 verses.

What is the significance of Surah Muzammil?

Surah Muzammil is a source of spiritual nourishment that provides guidance on prayer, patience, and trust in Allah.

How can I benefit from reading or listening to Surah Muzammil?

Reading or listening to Surah Muzammil can help you to develop a stronger relationship with Allah and find solace in times of difficulty.

Reviews & Comments

Benefits of Surah Muzammil are the person will be protected from the bad circumstances or any bad occurence that happens in our life. If the surah is read focusly and with proper attention one can also get a chance to meet the Prophet (pbuh).

  • Abul Rehman , Talagang
  • Thu 27 Oct, 2022

How to download surah

  • M.Shoen, AKOLA
  • Sun 17 Jul, 2022

Surah Muzammil is a beautiful surah of the holy book Quran Majeed. Al-Muzammil mentions it in the opening verses of this chapter, praying at night, quoting the Prophet Muhammad. I daily recite Surah Muzammil as my mother used to say that it is the most effective surah to get courage and strength. It safeguards us from all forms of mental disease if we recite this Surah daily. Whoever recites Surah Muzammil with full attention and sincerity will undoubtedly have the opportunity to meet the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him). I hope Allah Pak helps us and guides us to the right path. So recite Surrah Muzammil

  • Fariha Rizvi, Islamabad
  • Tue 25 Jan, 2022

A person who recites Surah Muzammil with full concentration and wholeheartedly will surely get a reward of meeting the Prophet (PBUH).

  • Ali , Sukkur
  • Mon 09 Aug, 2021

Muzammil means a person who is wrapped in garments. In this Surah, Allah addresses Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). We should memorize this Surah and should also learn its translation.

  • Khalid, Karachi
  • Tue 27 Jul, 2021