Islamic Date Today in UAE

May 17, 2022 (16 Shawwal 1443) - Today Islamic Date in UAE is 16 Shawwal 1443. Islamic Date is also called Hijri Date or Today Arabic Date in the Muslim world that follows Moon phases as a lunar calendar. Check the exact Islamic date today in UAE with an accurate Hijri date updated daily.

Islamic Date Today in UAE

16 Shawwal 1443

Today Gregorian date

17 May, 2022

Today Islamic date in UAE is calculated as per the lunar based calendar which consists of 12 Lunar months in a year of 354 or 355 days. A Muslim must know about the exact Islamic date today or chand ki date.

What is Islamic date today?
Today’s Islamic Date in UAE in Islamic Hijri calendar is 16 Shawwal 1443. The current Islamic year is 1443 AH.

Today Islamic date in UAE
Islamic Date Today – Islam is the second biggest religion in the world with around 1.8 billion followers. Muslim population is not present in the Muslim countries but they are also in significant numbers in other countries. Muslims follow Hijri calendar to celebrate Islamic events according to the Islamic month date. However, the Islamic date today in UAE is as per the Islamic calendar. That’s why the Muslim calendar usually gives just the overview of today Islamic date in UAE 2022 and other upcoming dates. On this page, you can easily confirm the Islamic date today in UAE or Hijri date in UAE.

You can utilize this page to plan your vacations according to the Islamic holidays 2022 such as Eid al Fitr, Eid Al Adha, Hajj, etc. You can find the Urdu date today along with the respective Georgian date. You can see the Islamic date today in UAE and also the dates of upcoming events.

This page is a perfect place for people who are interested in today Islamic date in UAE 2022. It is recommended that you should bookmark this page to keep updated about the Islamic date today in UAE 2022. Islamic months are as follow Muharram, Safar, Rabi ul Awal, Rabi Al-Akhir (Rabi' al-Thani), Jumada Al-Awwal (Jumada al-Ula), Jumada Al-Akhirah (Jumada l-Ukhra or Jumada al-Thani), Rajab, Shaban (Sha'ban), Ramadan (also spell as Ramazan, Ramzan, Ramadhan), Shawwal, Dhul-Qadah (Dhu al-Qi'dah or Zu al-Qa'dah) and Dhul-Hijjah (Dhu al-Hijjah or Zu al-Hijjah).

Today Arabic Date in Saudi Arabia?
Today Hijri or Arabic date in Saudi Arabia is 16 Shawwal 1443.

Today Arabic date for Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Al Fujayrah, Ra S Al Khaymah, Diba, Khawr Fakkan, Sharjah, Umm Al Qaywayn, Al Ayn and others cities are also available on this page.

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It's hard to keep remember bothlunar and Gregorian calendars as both have their own history patterns and new days begin. However, I use this page to stay up to date on both. This amazing service has made life easier for both of us by showing the history according to UAE times. So i check today UAE islamic date from this amazing page.

  • Musavir, UAE
  • Wed 02 Mar, 2022

The month of Shawwal is currently in progress and the next important Islamic event is Eid ul Adha. I celebrate Eid with my friends and family members.

  • Saif, UAE
  • Sat 22 May, 2021

Here in UAE we often use islamic dates for different purposes, such as being informed in advance about our religious festivities such as eid other such events. this site helps us remain updated about it in the best way.

  • Mubashir, Dubai
  • Fri 21 May, 2021

Muslims from different countries are residing in the United Arab Emirates. People who are new in UAE usually do not have an idea about the date of the Islamic month. However, this website is just good in this regard as Muslims can easily view the Islamic information.

  • Noman, UAE
  • Thu 08 Apr, 2021

Islamic date is used here very frequently and being used to of Gregorian calendar it was hard at first to remember both dates together, islamic and english. After searching a bit i found out that this site also provide Islamic date in UAE, and thats where i found some relief.

  • Kamil, Al Ain
  • Wed 07 Apr, 2021