Surat Ad-Duha with Urdu Translation

سورة الضحى

Para / Chapter
Surah Duha Recited by Shaikh Abd-ur Rahman As-Sudais & Shaikh Su'ood As-Shuraim, Urdu Translation by Moulana Fateh Muhammad Jalandari
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شروع الله کے نام سے جو بڑا مہربان نہایت رحم والا ہے ِ

آفتاب کی روشنی کی قسم ﴿۱﴾ اور رات (کی تاریکی) کی جب چھا جائے ﴿۲﴾ کہ (اے محمدﷺ) تمہارے پروردگار نے نہ تو تم کو چھوڑا اور نہ( تم سے )ناراض ہوا ﴿۳﴾ اور آخرت تمہارے لیے پہلی (حالت یعنی دنیا) سے کہیں بہتر ہے ﴿۴﴾ اور تمہیں پروردگار عنقریب وہ کچھ عطا فرمائے گا کہ تم خوش ہو جاؤ گے ﴿۵﴾ بھلا اس نے تمہیں یتیم پا کر جگہ نہیں دی؟ (بےشک دی) ﴿۶﴾ اور رستے سے ناواقف دیکھا تو رستہ دکھایا ﴿۷﴾ اور تنگ دست پایا تو غنی کر دیا ﴿۸﴾ تو تم بھی یتیم پر ستم نہ کرنا ﴿۹﴾ اور مانگنے والے کو جھڑکی نہ دینا ﴿۱۰﴾ اور اپنے پروردگار کی نعمتوں کا بیان کرتے رہنا ﴿۱۱

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The good way to understand the Surah Duha with the whole Urdu translation that helps to restate that easily with their understanding.

azeeza, multan Tue 05 Dec, 2017

With the complete Tarjumah I can easily learn QUrani Surah from here which is so good and for me on the early morning I want

Asad, Karachi Thu 30 Nov, 2017

Each Muslim should read Surah Duha with a specific end goal to think about the sufferings and hardships she looked in her life and how Almighty Allah upheld her in her entire life.

ayesha, lhr Sun 26 Nov, 2017

This is the very nice thing to restate the online holly Quran what you want to restate the any surah so you restate that by the online way easily

seema, Karachi Mon 20 Nov, 2017

Now I can easily listen the holy Quran tilawat in the audio clip that helps to restate that also and the every surah has the Urdu translation available now

rameen, islamabad Sun 12 Nov, 2017

Surah Ad Duha is available now in this website you can request the Qurani Surah what you want to learn and should have to available here in the comment box as I did.

Saddam, Karachi Thu 09 Nov, 2017

Now I easily understand the holy Quran with the of this Urdu translation that mentioned the every surah Urdu translation in the Urdu language as we easily understand that

noreen, lahore Wed 08 Nov, 2017

Mine grandmother listen the audio holly Quran with the help of this audio clip in the loudly voice on every morning who provides the whole surah Urdu translation

zara, Karachi Tue 07 Nov, 2017

On this page available the surah ad duha who we easily get to listen that form there and the whole surah Urdu translation also available there which we easily get to understand that

nazmeen, lahore Sun 05 Nov, 2017

Surah ad duha is the Surah which is also based on small poetry like verses, the
recitation and the

Iram, Quebec Sun 05 Nov, 2017

In the noon, I started exploring the internet for Surah Duha as I was in office and
there was Qur’an Pak accessible to me at that time. I was contented to see it here

Kaleem, NewCastle Mon 30 Oct, 2017

Allah Almighty has given us Qur’an to have the familiarity about every characteristic and phase of life. Like if we read Surah Duha and if we spend our daily life according to its instructions, the life hereafter would be the best then.

ayesha, khulna Sun 15 Oct, 2017

I get touchy whenever I read Surah Duha. Thank you so very much for providing me here on the internet. Now I can easily recite it whenever I want to read it.

hina, lahore Fri 13 Oct, 2017

Allah Almighty has given us Qur’an to have the facts and figures about every part of life
like some of the things are collected in Surah Duha. So that we can have way from it.

Fariha, Leicester Tue 03 Oct, 2017

Surah Duha………….It’s really a pleasure to see these types of Islamic things over the internet as these kind of things have a special attachment with my heart and I get emotional whenever I see them.

kashif, khi Mon 02 Oct, 2017

I can easily learn and listen with the help of this beautiful page which completely available there on this beautiful website and I would really like to share with all my friends

Zahid, Karachi Fri 14 Jul, 2017

I am very thankful to those peoples who create this site because by this site I have the way to understand the holly Quran

arzoo, islamabad Wed 12 Jul, 2017

By this site of Hamariweb now I can easily restate the any surah of the holly Quran with their translation which I really like to read

bisma, panjab Mon 10 Jul, 2017

When I was 8th standard, surat Ad-Duha was included in our course and it was mandatory for all of us to memorize it. At that time, I memorized this surah and still it is fresh in my mind.

Haeeba, Lahore Mon 03 Jul, 2017

I don’t know who recites this surah but when ever I listen this surah in this voice I am feeling so relaxed this is very lovely voice.

asif, gujranwala Fri 17 Feb, 2017
Surah Ad Duha (“Morning Bright”) was revealed in Makkah and has 11 ayaats. Surah Ad Duha takes its name Aḍ-Ḍuḥa from the very first word. This Surah is the Ninety third Surah of the Holy Quran. According to the Scholars, this Surah has great benefits. If something is forgotten somewhere by mistake, the recitation of this surah keeps its safe until you get it back. On this page, you can listen and read Surah Ad Duha with Urdu Translation by Maulana Fateh Muhammad Jalandhari. provides full Surah Ad Duha mp3 audio with Urdu text and video. The page is also available with English and Arabic language recitation of the Surat. You can also download Surah Ad Duha in MP3 format for computer and mobile devices. Listen to Surah Ad Duha Tilawat and complete Ayahs in the beautiful voices of Shaikh Abd-ur Rahman As-Sudais & Shaikh Su'ood As-Shuraim with reading Urdu tarjuma online. You can easily listen and understand the meaning of Surah Ad Duha recited in clear and beautiful voice.