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Making the Keema Bhari Shimla Mirch is so easy for me by the help of this great tasty recipe and this is so amazing to see the right information about it here which is I want to make for Sehri time.
By: yumna, Form: khi, on 12 May, 2020
due to lockdown, it was quite hard for me to find Pheni in the market so I was searching for a pheni recipe so I could make it at home and finally I found recipe on Hamariweb. thank you for providing us pheni recipe
By: Aqsa, Form: Karachi , on 28 Apr, 2020
For this ramadan it is such a good thought to make khajla in the home for that I am noticing its recipe.
By: Hifza, Form: Bhawalpur , on 10 Apr, 2020
It is very famous and common dish . it is made mostly in Eid . every Pakistani loves it and i also make it every eid and some time for the guests
By: Wafa , Form: khi, on 08 Jan, 2020
Looking for a homemade Pheni Recipe and finally found it on Thank You for providing us such a simple recipe.
By: majid, Form: lahore, on 17 Oct, 2019
I make this by mine own recipe which mine family really like to eat that and I am thinking that the next time I make the khajla by this recipe
By: areesha, Form: panjab, on 11 May, 2017
A popular food during Ramadan in Pakistan is Phehni, deep-fried protein-rich vermicelli.This pastry, made from flour and fried in ghee, is usually eaten during Sahur. 
By: sadia, Form: kashmir, on 09 Apr, 2017
this belongs from baqer khani family. It is a healthy food that you can use to eat it in breakfast. My all family members like to eat it.
By: eshaal, Form: yangon, on 06 Apr, 2017
Thanks to this amazing page that has given us so many new recipes. I can’t get enough of it. Khajla is the most recent one that I have just saw on this page. It looks tempting. Let me try it!
By: Aaeesha, Form: Lahore, on 28 Mar, 2017
don't like.
By: mahnaz, Form: lahore, on 02 Feb, 2015


Sehri Recipe 2020 is the platform where you can find many mouth-watering dishes recipe on just a single click. The Sehri dishes recipes are made and step by step explained by the professional chefs. We provide you vital options for Sehri recipes that give you a great opportunity to eat well and a healthful diet for eating in Sehri before dawn as it is really important to keep yourself energetic and active throughout the day, and you would not Starving with hunger and thirst during the fasting hours in hot summer days.

Ramadan is the most special month for Muslims around the globe as it one of the most sacred months of the Islamic calendar. Muslims celebrate the month of Ramadan as a festival and made mouthwatering and tempting dishes during Iftar and Sehri times. So in Hamariweb, we provide you a long list of Sehri recipes for Ramadan 2020. Our Sehri recipes are delicious in a test as well as healthy for your lifestyle. The Sehri recipes which we selected for you are very easy and convenient which can provide direct energy and are low in calories. The recipes providing in our page for you include

• Naan
• Omelet
• Eggs
• Keema
• Daal
• Thandai
• Lassi
• Paratha
• Khajla
• Pheni

Sehri recipes are offered on this page that comes in huge variety giving loads of choices to people to make and enjoy the healthy and tasty food in Sehri times. You can easily find a dedicated Sehri category were some delightful recipes like the diversity of Doodh Jalebi recipes, egg recipes, Khajla Pheni recipes, Nihari recipes, Keema recipes, Puri recipes, and Lassi recipes. In every category of the above point out Sehri recipes, you will discover exclusive ideas for yummy Sehri recipes that are healthy and you can easily prepare in a short time. These are genuine Desi breakfast ideas like omelet, cheese omelet, fried egg, Kofta Chana Nihari, Boong Paye ki Nihari, Chicken Nihari, Khajla, Dum ka Qeema, Puri Paratha, Strawberry Lassi and Mint Lassi recipes to name a few.

Sehri recipes that are listed in the Urdu language and the English language makes them easily approachable by Pakistani people. Those who are interested in their favorite Chef’s suggested recipes can find Sehri Recipes by Chefs covering some popular Sehri recipes of Chef Mehboob, Cooking Expert Shireen Anwer, Kokab Khawaja, Chef Zakir to name a few. Moreover, there are categories of most viewed recipes, new Sehri recipes, and Urdu recipes and English recipes are easily accessible on this page.