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I make khajla by mine own recipe which mine family really like to eat that and I am thinking that the next time I make the khajla by this recipe
By: areesha, Form: panjab, on 11 May, 2017
A popular food during Ramadan in Pakistan is Khajla Phehni, deep-fried protein-rich vermicelli.This pastry, made from flour and fried in ghee, is usually eaten during Sahur. 
By: sadia, Form: kashmir, on 09 Apr, 2017
Khajla belongs from baqer khani family. It is a healthy food that you can use to eat it in breakfast. My all family members like to eat it.
By: eshaal, Form: yangon, on 06 Apr, 2017
Thanks to this amazing page that has given us so many new recipes. I can’t get enough of it. Khajla is the most recent one that I have just saw on this page. It looks tempting. Let me try it!
By: Aaeesha, Form: Lahore, on 28 Mar, 2017
don't like.
By: mahnaz, Form: lahore, on 02 Feb, 2015
Last time I tried to made but I cannot make it round,some times I made a map of australia and sometimes I made a map of Pakistan.
By: nadia, Form: karachi, on 02 Jul, 2014
Jalehbiyan is the most affordable and very tasty sweet deserts. I want to make it home and also i want the recipe of emarti.
By: shabana, Form: karachi, on 29 Jun, 2014
I don’t like khajla because it is very fatty and I feel some acidity problem after eating khajla and pheni. I think it is an unnecessary item of ramadan.
By: aresha, Form: karachi, on 28 Jun, 2014
I was searching for the Khajla Recipe and I found it here, thanks ... I did not know it would be so easy, and special thanks for the Khajla Recipe in Urdu, all the shireen anwar recipes are available in Urdu and English.
By: Anima, Form: Karachi, on 20 May, 2014
Thanks i will try this in Ramadan, Ramadan are near after a month we will be blessed with Holy Month of Ramadan
By: Hamida, Form: Karachi, on 09 May, 2014


Sehri Recipes - Ramadan is the most blessed time of the year when Muslims across the globe indulge their devotion towards Allah Almighty and observe fast. Preparing for Sehr o Iftar begins time ahead. What should be prepared for Sehri and Iftar? Budgeting of food and grocery shopping begins weeks ahead of Ramadan Kareem. Sehri is the most important time in Ramadan when Muslims wake up before Fajar and eat Sehri to keep fast. Healthy and nutritious food is the best option to consume in Sehri as that can keep you energized and active throughout Roza. But the question is what should we make for Sehri to fulfill out nutrition quotient? Genuine Sehri recipes are a response to that.

The main sehri recipes include the following:
• Naan
• Omelet
• Eggs
• Keema
• Daal
• Thandai
• Lassi
• Paratha
• Khajla
• Pheni

Tasty and healthy Sehri recipes are presented on this page that comes in huge variety giving loads of options to housewives. You can find a dedicated Sehri category where some mouth watering recipes like varieties of Doodh Jalebi recipes, egg recipes, Keema recipes, Khajla Pheni recipes, Nihari recipes, Lassi recipes, and Puri recipes. Under each category of above mentioned Sehri recipes, you will find unique ideas and delicious Sehri recipes that are healthy and you can easily prepare in lesser time. These are genuine Desi breakfast ideas like omelet, cheese omelet, fried egg, Kofta Chana Nihari, Boong Paye ki Nihari, Chicken Nihari, Khajla, Dum ka Qeema, Puri Paratha, Strawberry Lassi and Mint Lassi recipes to name a few.

Sehri recipes are listed in Urdu language that makes them easily comprehendible by Pakistani women. Those who are interested in their favorite Chef’s recommended recipes can find Sehri Recipes by Chefs covering some popular Sehri recipes of Chef Mehboob, Cooking Expert Shireen Anwer, Kokab Khawaja, Chef Zakir to name a few. Moreover, there are categories of most viewed recipes, new Sehri recipes, and Urdu recipes available on this page.