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Ghani Khan Poetry, Ghani Khan Poetry in Pashto Text & Shayari

Abdul Ghani Khan Poetry, Ghazals & Shayari

Ghani Khan Poetry allows readers to express their inner feelings with the help of beautiful poetry. Ghani Khan poetry in pashto text and ghazals is popular among people who love to read good poems. You can read 2 lines Poetry and download Ghani Khan poetry images can easily share it with your loved ones including your friends and family members. Up till, several books have been written on Abdul Ghani Khan Shayari. Urdu Ghazal readers have their own choice or preference and here you can read Abdul Ghani Khan poetry in pashto, urdu & English from different categories.

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Abdul Ghani Khan Poetry in Urdu

Poetry is always been the best medium to communicate. It delivers heartily feelings and if a poet like Abdul Ghani khan wrote it, it can directly touch your heart. He is widely regarded as the best Pashto poet of the 20th century and is on par with Khushal Khan Khattak and Rehman Baba. Abdul Ghani Khan was the son of Abdul Ghaffar Khan, a prominent Indian independence activist during the British Raj. Abdul Ghani khan Pashto poetry is a sample of a masterpiece arranged by Asian poets.

Abdul Ghani Khan Pashto poetry is remarkable and the most prominent work from his life is his collection of the poem he wrote in the time of prison. He wrote a collection of poems called Panjre Chaghar which is considered to be the best work of his life. Throughout his life as a poet in both British India and Afghanistan, Khan was known by the titles Lewanay Palsapay and Da Ilam Samander. Abdul Ghani Khan Poetry and his work were highly acclaimed in the latter part of his life, as well as he was an award from the Government of Pakistan for his contribution to literature.

This page is dedicated to Abdul Ghani and his amazing poetry. People can read and share this poetry without any hassle. Abdul Ghani Khan Poetry in Pashto is available here. Go through the page to read Abdul Ghani Khan poetry in Pashto text.