Anwar Masood Poetry, Ghazals & Shayari

Anwar Masood Poetry, Ghazals & Shayari

Anwar Masood Poetry allows readers to express their inner feelings with the help of beautiful poetry. Anwar Masood shayari and ghazals is popular among people who love to read good poems. You can read 2 and 4 lines Poetry and download Anwar Masood poetry images can easily share it with your loved ones including your friends and family members. Up till, several books have been written on Anwar Masood Shayari. Urdu Ghazal readers have their own choice or preference and here you can read Anwar Masood poetry in Urdu & English from different categories.

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Anwar Masood Poetry in Urdu

Anwar Masood Poetry – When talk about humor, there are several poets in Pakistan. However, the name of Anwar Masood is well established between them. His poetry or kalam not just loved by the mature people but the young generation also enjoys it a lot. Mela Akhiyan Da, Roz Ba Roz, and Taqreeb are among his famous books collection.

The best part about Anwar Masood is that he elaborates about different social issues on a very lighter note. The elements of comic, satire, and poignancy seem much visible in his poetry.He writes in multi-languages which include the divine Urdu, monumental and great Persian and raw Punjabi languages. Anwar Masood Qalam has found the way to express strong emotions creatively. If his verse contains comedy then necessarily does it contain poignancy in disguise and can be easily identified. With suck a skill, Anwar Masood Poetry does not sadden the reader but cheers him with comedic way and by using light & relatable words. However, he does not miss to aim for a subject when he moves his pen.

Which are the key books and publications of Anwar Masood?

Below you can check the famous books and publications written byAnwar Masood.
• Taqreeb (Essays in different ceremonies)
• Siddiqa Anwar kenaam (Collection of letters)
• Shaakh-e-Tabassum (Essays based on humorous poets)
• Saif-ul-Muluk (Urdu based translation in prose)
• Qataa Kalami (Urdu Based Poetry)
• Payan Safar Neest (Persian Based Poetry)
• Meli Meli Dhoop (Environment Based Poetry)
• Mela Akhiyan Da (Punjabi Based Poetry)
• Kuch Urdu Kuch Punjabi (Punjabi and Urdu Poetry)
• Hun Ki Kariye (Punjabi Based Poetry)
• Ghuncha Phir Laga Khilnay (Humor Based Poetry)
• Farsi Adab ke chand goshay (Research Based Work)
• Ek Dareecha, Ek Chiragh (Urdu Based Poetry)
• Darpesh (Humor Based Poetry)
• Bariyaab (NaatsCollection in Persian, Punjabi, and Urdu)
• Baat Se Baat (Radio Talks Compilation)

Anwar Masood Poetry – A Brief Analysis

The ideology behind the Anwar Masood Poetry is to disseminate Punjabi culture around the globe. His dialogue delivery of comic poetry is unique and venerable that allow person to request him to recite his verses again and again. Some of his famous poems and books include Anar Kali Diyan Shana, Aj Kee Pakaeay, Banyan, Juma Bazaar, Jehlam Da Pul, Ambri, Shakh-e-Tabasum and many more. Anwar Masood Poetry is considered to be the classical humor. He is well- recognized poet, who has performed in several international communities and also participated and judged different TV channel Poetry competition programs.

As below Anwar Masood poetry brings in light the social and educational crisis of Pakistan in a very entertaining and precise way which surely conceals a great message for our systems. If one attempts to explain the verse, the vastness will be unpredictable.

Dosto English Zaroori Hai Hamare Wastay
Fail Honey Ko Bhi Koi Mazmoon Hona Chahiye

Nursery Ka Daḳhila Bhi Sarsari Mat Janiye
Aap Ke Bachche Ko Aflatun Hona Chahiye

Sirf Mehnat Kya Hai 'Anwar' Kamyabi Ke Liye
Koi Uupar Se Bhi Telephone Hona Chahiye

A deep wise mind with broad understanding of world twinned with humor and abilities of expressing satire without causing actually anger are the trait-collection which reminds us of the majestic Jaun Elia, matchless and remarkable Rahat Indori while Anwar Masood seem to originate from the same portal of poets as that of Jaun’s and Indori’s.

Anwar Masood Shayari has nuance of tragedy in his poems which is a reflection of social injustice, discriminations and personal misfortunes of his characters. You can find complete Anwar Masood’s Poetry Collection online on This page is wholly dedicated for Anwar Masood’s Shayari and Shayari lovers so if you are looking to read some entertaining, light and deep meaning Poetry, head on to Anwar Masood's Poetry section just below. While don’t forget to comment your reviews and feedbacks in the comment section.
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