Bulleh Shah Poetry, Ghazals & Shayari

Bulleh Shah Poetry, Ghazals & Shayari

Bulleh Shah Poetry allows readers to express their inner feelings with the help of beautiful poetry. Bulleh Shah shayari and ghazals is popular among people who love to read good poems. You can read 2 and 4 lines Poetry and download Bulleh Shah poetry images can easily share it with your loved ones including your friends and family members. Up till, several books have been written on Bulleh Shah Shayari. Urdu Ghazal readers have their own choice or preference and here you can read Bulleh Shah poetry in Urdu & English from different categories.

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Baba Bulleh Shah has the ability to write the Poetry in the different ways of poetries in which I like this lovely (Amma Babay Di Bhuliyai) sending Friends.

By: Abu Bakar, Lahore on Jan, 19 2021

I am Naheed This is My favorite Poetry, "Tere Ishq Nachaya" I heard this for the first time in the voice of Abida Parveen, Then later it was found out that it was written by Baba Balla Shah..

By: Naheed, Sanghar on Dec, 29 2020

very very thanks Hamariweb, Bulleh Shah Ghazal is the best and also my favorite poet. Mein Shurun choti umar se He Baba Bulleh Shah ki ghazal Parhta araha hoon

By: zeeshan, Sialkot on Dec, 29 2020

Thanks for offering Bulleh Shah Nazm. I have to read this Nazm so I searched it and found about its Nazm here. Thank You So Much

By: Haroon, Karachi on Dec, 29 2020

My brother used to quote him all the time. And i think this is the best one to recognize yourself. Be truthful to yourself first and u will be victorious..
and easily found Bulleh Shah Poetry in Hindi... Thanks

By: Saba, Kolkata on Dec, 28 2020

Bulleh Shah Poetry in Urdu

Bulleh Shah Poetry – A pure legend in Sufism, Baba Bulleh Shah is a famous Punjabi Language poet. Full name of Bulleh Shah was Syed Abdullah Shah Qadri. He was a Punjabi Sufi poet, humanist and philosopher. He practiced and improved the Sufi tradition of Punjabi poetry that considers one of the greatest Punjabi verses of all time. His style of writing poetry is famous as “Kafi”. He wrote a large content of work includes Athwara, Baramah, Shiarfi, Oeodh, Gandhan and Kafi. Bulleh Shah Poetry describes the meaning of life and expressed the search of GOD in a very beautiful manner. Bulleh Shah Poetry strikes the reader is his bold and arrogant critique on the several topic related to society views. Bulleh Shah shayari preaches a simple concept of humanity, faith, thoughts and creed by which any individual can achieve a higher and more pure existence.

charhde sooraj baldey wekhey
bujhdey diwey jaldey wekhey

jinhaan da na jag tey koi
o wi puttar paldey wekhey

The cuplet shows the point of view of baba bulleh shah in a sufi way that nothing lasts forever. Allah has done everything in His own way. He is enough for each and every human being in the world. This aspect of Baba Bulleh Shah is shown in many of his poetic kalam in Punjabi.

Dukh dard si mere muqaddran wich
Main shikwa karke ki karda

Oh jaande wari palateya nahi
Main hath hila k ki karda

The love and affection aspect shown in this cuplet expresses that he also wrote romantic poetry in a very decent manner. Baba Bulleh shah poetry in significant and one can never be bored of it.

Bulleh Shah belongs to the era of famous Sindhi poet Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai and it overlapped with the legendary Waris Shah, and Sachal Sarmast. The style of Sufi poetry of all these Sufi poets reflects with each other. Bulleh Shah Poetry is not restricted to ancient times, in modern era, Pakistani and Indian media industry has used Bulleh Shah kalam in various music albums, and movies. Some of the popular Bulleh Shah Shayari used in films and music are Bullah Ki Jana, Bandeya Ho, and Aik Alif to name a few.

Bulleh Shah Quotes, Ghazal & Shayari is popular among the locals or international Punjabi speaking readers. You can access to the latest collection of Bulleh Shah Poetry, Shayari and Ghazals from HamariWeb.com. We serve you the best collection of Bulleh Shah Poetry in Punjabi. Feel free to visit and retrieve memories from some finest collection of Poetry, Shayari & Ghazal by Baba Bulleh Shah in Punjabi. You can read, submit and share your favorite Bulleh Shah Kalam and Shayari online.

In his poetry, he talks about his understanding of the world around him, his inspired experiences, and at the same time speaks out against the orthodox rituals of Islam. He preached to the people to give up their name and not to worry about social conventions if they wanted to meet God. Bulleh Shah's writings portray him as the savior of the human race as he provides solutions to various social problems in the world around him when he came before them. Thanks to his change in the way he is perceived today, he is obliged to better understand the life and to preach it through his people and followers. Following the tradition of Sufi poetry, the poems in this collection refer to love of God or the desire to be absorbed in God, or patron, or nature, expressed through symbolic references to local rituals related to weddings, funerals, travels, and harvests.

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