Poet: M.S.K.B. By: M.K., Gujranwala

These people we try to please,
These grades we try to achieve,
With those dreams we sleep.
Trying so hard to believe,
the stories we want to be.

These things will never satisfy you,
No matter how hard you try,
It will all leave.
Nothing good lasts forever.
Isn't that what you believe?

What makes you happy,
Could it be the clapping?
Could it be the cheers?
Could it be the whooting?
Or the compliments you hear?

Will all those in the grave,
save you from your fate?
This desire to be successful,
that you hold on to for so long,
will it be there when this world is gone?

Nothing matters my dear,
So don't waste your precious tears,
for the ending that you fear.

Nothing matters but your deeds,
That is what you should believe.

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29 May, 2019