From Patiala to Lahore

Poet: Saima Qureshi ©️ By: Saima Qureshi, Lahore

It all started with a dream of Pak land
Series of struggle and sacrifice

Then an announcement
Of hastily drawn-up border

Scattered were on the wrong side of border
Millions of Muslims

Biggest mass Migration in history
Erupted cataclysm of violence and bloodshed

Unleashed monsters inside humans
Those living as neighbours since centuries

Mobs with uncovered swords in their hands
And torches lit with fire

Brutal murders, rape, loot
Homes became slaughter houses

And those slaughter houses burned to ashes
Women and girls jumped into wells

To protect their piety
Those who survived

The inhuman savagery
Advanced towards Lahore

Empty handed
Chaotic transition

Train carts that were full of mahajirs
Most of them now just bodies

Bodies drenched in blood
Reached Lahore

Platforms awash with blood
The survivors with no families

A migration of sorrows
For happy tomorrows

Chants of Allah ho Albar
I pulled through

Ruthless and bloody horrific migration
From Patiala to Lahore

Knelt on my knees and head on mud
Mud of Pak land

Raised hands
Uttered Alhamdoolilah!

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11 Aug, 2021