Nasir Kazmi Poetry, Ghazals & Shayari

Nasir Kazmi Poetry, Ghazals & Shayari

Nasir Kazmi Poetry allows readers to express their inner feelings with the help of beautiful poetry. Nasir Kazmi shayari and ghazals is popular among people who love to read good poems. You can read 2 and 4 lines Poetry and download Nasir Kazmi poetry images can easily share it with your loved ones including your friends and family members. Up till, several books have been written on Nasir Kazmi Shayari. Urdu Ghazal readers have their own choice or preference and here you can read Nasir Kazmi poetry in Urdu & English from different categories.

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Few Sher of this Ghazal based on sad lines in which I love this 'Haal Dil Hum Bhi Sunatay Lekin' is the best line by Nasir Kazmi.

By: farhan, khi on Jan, 04 2020

Pathar Ka Wo Shahr Bhi Kia Tha, the lines by Nasir Kazmi is full the expressions of sadness. His simplicity in the collection of words make his poetry unique from the other poets.

By: nabeel, lhr on Jan, 25 2019

Nasir Kazmi is famous in the subcontinent due to his ability to choose simple words to express their feelings. Love the second last line 'Bus Ek Chehra Kitabi Nazar Me Hai Nasir' this such a lovely line by Nasir Kazmi.

By: hira, lhr on Jan, 21 2019

One of the most famous Ghazal by Nasir Kazmi, sung my many singers of the subcontinent. On this page reading it completely and love the way when Nasir Kazmi use his name in the last line.

By: palvasha, khi on Jan, 12 2019

بہت عمدہ

By: Saddam Hussein kahlon, Kot Addu Pakistan on Dec, 18 2018

Nasir Kazmi Poetry in Urdu

Nasir Kazmi Poetry -

Syed Nasir Raza Kazmi was one of the greatest poets of his time. He was especially recognize for the use of "" Ista’aaray” and “Chotee Bahr "" for his poetry. Nasir Kazmi is known among the Pakistani people for his romantic poetry. Whenever it comes to famous Urdu poets, Nasir Kazmi's name will definitely come up. His work has been recognized not only by Urdu readers in Pakistan but also by Urdu fans living in different parts of the world.

He wrote many famous lyrics and sonnets. He began his poetic career in 1940. Most of his poetry is based on romance but people used to consider him a sad poet. Read Nasir Kazmi's latest and best collections in Urdu and English like Nasir Kazmi famous poet, song writer in Pakistan and all over the world. Syed Nasir Raza Kazmi was born in 1925 and died in 1972. He was commonly known as Nasir Kazmi.

Nasir Kazmi was an Urdu poet of Pakistan and among of the finest poets of his time mainly in the use of ""Ista'aaray"" and ""Chhotee Beher"". He got his education from Ambala, Simla and Lahore. After the partition he came to Pakistan in 1947. Kazmi started poems in 1940 & followed the way of Akhtar Sherani and wrote romantic poems and couplets. Afterward he started writing ghazals in the guidance of Hafeez Hoshyarpuri. His famous nazams & ghazals are ""Kaun Is Raah Se Guzartaa Hai"", "" Teri Zulfon Ke Bikharne Ka Sabab Hai Koi "", "" Kise Dekhein Kahan Daikha Na Jaye "".

Nasir Kazmi Famous Proses

Naye Kapre Badal Kar Jaon Kahan, Aur Baal Banaon Kis K Liye
Who Shakhs To Shehar Hi Chor Giya Mein Bahir Jaon Kis Kay Liye
(This prose is taken from the poem Naye Kapre Badal Kar Jaon Kahan)

Shor Barpa Hai Khana-E-Dil Men
Koi Divar Si Giri Hai Abhi
(This prose is taken from the poem Dil Men Ik Lahr Si Uthi Hai Abhi)

Tere Siva Mujhe Pahne Kaun Main Tire Tan Ka Kapda Huun (This prose is taken from the poem Apni Dhun Men Rahta Huun)

Which are the famous poetries by Nasir Kazmi?

Names of some famous Poetries by Nasir Kazmi are mentioned below:

• Berg-i-Nai'

• Deewaan

• Pehli Baarish

• Hijr Ki Raat Ka Sitara

• Nishat-i-Khwab

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