TERRORISM - Freedom From Fear

Poet: Sufia
By: Sufia, canada

(The T With The Error)

People Get Killed And Not The Politicians
People Cry But Not The Politicians

Politicians Need Safety, Security & Protection
But Not The People

Politicians R The Cause, Terrorists R The Effect & People R The Casualty
Politicians Act As Catalyst To Make Terrorists

These Politicians Are The Terrorists And Not Those,
Whom They Brand Or Make Terrorists

Politicians Are The Real Terrorists
Keeping Their Own Gullible Citizens In Darkness

About What Destruction They Spread In Third World Countries
Just ‘Cuz They Think They Are Super Powers

Now, They Are Getting The Taste Of Their Own Medicine
And They Are Helpless Before These “Terrorists”

These Terrorists Have Suffered And Have Been Oppressed As Much As The People
No One Becomes A Terrorist For Pleasure And Fun

So, Who Leads Them To Terrorism? What Makes Them A Terrorist?
Think About It But Out Of The Box

‘Cuz The Politicians Have Exceeded Their Limits
They Oppressed The Innocent And The Powerless

Now The Worm Has Turned
These Politicians Make Good “Commissions”

By Selling Guns & Grenades For Wars
Getting People Killed And Creating Terrorists

People Unite - Bring Down These Corrupt Politicians
"Terrorists" Will Automatically Vanish

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30 Dec, 2008

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