Baby Boy Names Starting with V

Most popular baby boys names starting with v with meanings. Pick a perfect name from the vast collection of Boy names. Find the origin, lucky number, religion, and other key aspects of name. The best part is that names are also categorized into different religions. Here you find Top Boy names meaning includes most trending names like Vihaan, Melvin, Alvin, Nick and Kingsley.

Vihaan Morning; Dawn
Melvin Mill friend; council friend
Alvin Noble friend or elf friend.
Nick A short form of dominic, nicholas
Kingsley King's meadow.
Kelvin From the river c
Aryan Warrior, invasionary mind people, related to prehistoric Arya people
Grayson Son of Gray; Son of Grey haired one
Kyle A narrow piece of land.
Ayush Long Life; Long Lived
Ryan Little king
Charles Strong and manly
Izhaan Abilities
Arham Mercy, Compassion, Kindness
Hudson Son of hud
Arnav Briliant; Ocean; Sea; Vast; Endless Ocean
Salman Companion, Especially Of Prophet Muhammad
Reyansh A Part of Sun; Lord Vishnu
Avyan Not Having Any Imperfection; Lord Vishnu's Name
Shreyansh Fame; Fame Giver and Lucky; Goddess of Earth
Skylar protection, shelter
Henry Lord
Brayden A form of braden
Ali High, Exalted, Champion
Brandon Beacon hill
Larry of Laurentum
Lawrence of Laurentum
Danish Knowledge, Wisdom, Consciousness, Intellect
Kunal Anything; God of the Universe; Son of Emperor Ashok
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Boy Names Starting with V – Giving your little one suitable name from your favorite alphabet is the dream of every parent. Many parents prefer to choose baby name from ‘V’ alphabet. In case you like names starting from alphabet ‘V’ then don’t hesitate and pick and choose this dedicated page to browse through the ocean of Boy Names Starting with V. You will find meanings in English & Urdu, origin, and popularity graph information from this platform.

Find beautiful and unique names of Boy with alphabet V. Browse huge list of baby Boy names with alphabet V along with all information. Good luck in hunting suitable name for your baby starting with V. Complete list of baby names starting with letter V. Checkout Newly & Popular names by alphabets at

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Vali is very unique name .. i heard this name first time here.. so i find this name and i get this name meaning is very impressive

hassan , rawalpindi Thu 20 Aug, 2020

Vihaan is really the lucky people I love Vihaan Name.. My Cousin Name is Vihaan

rohit , Haryana Thu 18 Jun, 2020

It is very unique name and beautiful name.. Vihaan is looking a nice name but i never listen

shahzaib , rawalpindi Thu 11 Jun, 2020

The first determine, viaan, lets you self-reliant, inventive with useful approaches, together with the impartial persistent specialist

jaffer , khi Tue 12 Nov, 2019

Bcz lord Krishna name is we diceded that ye name ye kanha g Ki trh Hi shaitan ho gya h....

Nagma , Farrukhabad Sat 17 Aug, 2019

My baby name viraj . Bangoli maening

Viraj , Howrah Sat 03 Aug, 2019

subhash and komal

Subhash Srivastava , Haldwani-cum-Kathgodam Sun 14 Jul, 2019

विआन नाम वाले व्यक्ति का भविष्य कैसा होगा?

कटारा , डूंगरपुर Tue 12 Feb, 2019

Meri wife ki pregency k time muje sapne me ye naam sunai deya, jisme m baby ko lekr usse Vedant bol raha hu, thoda ajeeb tha but muje reallty laga, Family ko btaya mne Vedant name, sapne k bare me nhi, To wife ko 1st baby boy hua to mne vedant rakha naam.

Navdeep rohilla , Sonipat Sat 26 Jan, 2019

Iheard this name somewhere in newspapers .As my name is Vinod and i was intrested my childrens name with letter V Viaan is an ideal name for my Cute and lovy son.

Vinod Baranwal , Jamshedpur Sun 20 Jan, 2019