Christian Girl Names

Most popular baby christian girls names with meanings. Pick a perfect name from the vast collection of Girl names. Find the origin, lucky number, religion, and other key aspects of name. The best part is that names are also categorized into different religions. Here you find Top Girl names meaning includes most trending names like Aaliyah, Aamanda, Aamani, Aamber and Aamiya.

Christian Girl Names

Aaliyah High exalted, to ascend Christian
Aamanda One who is much loved Christian
Aamani One who is peaceful / one with wishes and dreams Christian
Aamber Resembling the jewel ; a warm honey color Christian
Aamiya Nectar ; delight amlan unfading ; ever bright Christian
Aana A woman graced with god Christian
Aanya A woman graced with god Christian
Aaria A beautiful melody Christian
Aariana Resembling silver / one who is holy Christian
Aarianna Resembling silver / one who is holy Christian
Aariel A lion of god Christian
Aarielle A lion of god Christian
Aasia Resurrection / the rising sun ; in the koran Christian
Aava Bird/ from the water Christian
Aayla From the oak tree Christian
Abbigale The source of a father Christian
Abigail Father in rejoicing Christian
Abira Strong Christian
Abrianna Mother of many nations Christian
Acacia The wood of the acacia tree was used to build the tabernacle Christian
Accacia The wood of the acacia tree was used to build the tabernacle Christian
Achazia The lord holds Christian
Ada Prosperous; happy Christian
Adah A form of ada Christian
Adalia Just, noble one Christian
Adallyn Of the nobility ; serene ; of good humor Christian
Adalyn Of the nobility ; serene ; of good humor Christian
Adalynn Of the nobility ; serene ; of good humor Christian
Adamina Daughter of the earth Christian
Adda Ornament ; beautiful addition to the family Christian
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Christian Girl Names

Christian Girl Names – The birth of a newborn child brings special joy to a family. The happiness further increases when parents heard about the birth of a baby girl in their family. It is a reason that we have created this large database for parents and families who want to assign the best possible name to their little angel.

This vast database of Christian baby girl names even includes names from the Bible. So, in case, you are in search for a religious name for your daughter, then just stick to this website. Looking for a Christian baby name for your newborn baby but don't know where to start? Browse through our collection of Christian names. Here is something to inspire the baby's name. 1000 Christian baby names, biblical names, and Christian name meanings that help you choose the best name for your baby. Christian names for boys and girls. Find the perfect Christian name as well as the meanings of your baby girl.

Girls or Christian Baby Names Looking for unique Christian baby names for girls can access this vast platform that offers Christian names.

Christian couples who are looking for suitable baby girl names can access this page for guidance. Christian Girls Name page is a dedicated platform that offers a wide range of old, new, and popular Christian Girl Names listed in an alphabetical order starting from A to Z. Each alphabet comprises a variety of names each having a dedicated page where you can access their meanings, origin, and popularity details. Browse through the page for checking out names to list down the most preferred ones. Christian Girls Names are listed along with their meanings in English & Urdu, Origin, Religion, lucky number, and popularity options. The page also offers interesting sections for parents, for instance ‘Names of the Day’ that updates on a regular basis, newly added names that give you fresh names every time. We wish good luck to all the parents who are blessed with baby girls; we hope we took a part in selecting and providing a vast variety of baby names for your daughter.

No doubt girls bring blessings of Almighty, the reason for happiness, and fortune to a family. This makes them highly precious and respectable in every culture and society. Celebrate the birth of a Christian baby girl in style! Religious and cultural traditions in a Christian family are quite welcoming. Baptism is the common practice in Catholicism, which is performed by the priest. Special prayers are said in the church and sweets are distributed to welcome the little angel. Later suitable Christian Girls name is assigned to the newly born infant. Every parent wants to choose a decent and meaningful Christian Girls Name. Modern parents residing in both the eastern and western sides of the world are definitely looking up for assigning suitable Christian baby girl names with decent meanings to their newly born child. Apart from priests, couples who are looking for the latest Christian Girl Names suggestions can access this platform. Here, all the old, new, and attractive Christian baby girl names are listed alphabetically, thus making it much easier for parents to browse girls' names by alphabet.

Online visitors can access an extensive list of Christian name meanings, origins, and other details with just one click. We're working hard to update the list of Christian names in our database on a regular basis. So that parents can find more unique and attractive Christian names for their newborns.

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