Popular Muslim boy Names

Popular Muslim boy names refer latest trending names in the Muslim society and World. Latest popular and trendy names include Shahan, Hesham, Manaf, Mujtaba, Faheem. Top 3 popular trending boy names meanings are as follows: Shahan meaning is Profit maker; Hesham meaning is Brave destroyer of evil; Manaf meaning is To Negate.

Top 30 Popular Muslim Baby boy names with Meaning

1 Shahan Profit maker
2 Hesham Brave destroyer of evil
3 Manaf To Negate
4 Mujtaba Chosen, Selected, Attainer Of The Pleasure Of Allah
5 Faheem Intelligent. Judicious.
6 Danish Knowledge, Wisdom, Consciousness, Intellect
7 Qamber Hazrat Ali one slave
8 Jazib To Absorb
9 Ubaid In egyptian meaning is : Faithful.
10 Hunain Name of a valley between at-Taif and Mecca
11 Ahsan The Best Of All, Better, Superior.
12 Fajr Dawn, morning prayer
13 Masab Name of a Sahabi
14 Misbah Light, Lamp
15 Khabeeb, Khubaib Smart
16 Zunair Light Of The Moon, Shine, Glimmer, Radiance
17 Kashan Popular Cities
18 Kiyan Being, Existence, Essence, Surname Of Persian King
19 Sahil Riverbank, Coast, Shore, Guide, Leader
20 Mohammad Praiseworthy Glorified. Mohammad - Founder Of The Islamic Religion. Many Names And Variants Used For Mohammad
21 Shayan Worthy, Deserving, Meriting
22 Maheer Bold, brave, Courageous
23 Basit One Who Enlarges
24 Abbas Lion, Stern, Serious Grim-Faced
25 Ismail Heard by God, Gift from God, A Meaningful smile
26 Hayyan In Sindhi meaning is : Lively, energetic.
27 Yawar Adjutant. Aid-De Camp.
28 Yazdan Merciful. Kind.
29 Habib Dearly Loved.
30 Hamza Lion, Competent, Brazen, Brave man

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Popular Muslim Boy Names

Popular Muslim Boy Names

Naming your little bundle of happiness is probably the most confusing task because there are so many options out there! You may receive countless suggestions, or as they say, the names of your family, friends, and the eldest child in the family. And that leaves you with nothing but ambiguity. Modern parents do a lot of research before choosing their child's name. Most parents prefer meaningful and popular Muslim boy names for their baby. So if you have recently welcomed your little master into this world select a popular name for a boy to give his personality uniqueness among others. Popular Muslim boy names can be taken from the Arabic language as it is a rich language with beautiful boy names that are considered popular names among Muslim society.

It is observed that Muslim parents have countless options for cool, strong, and modern names for their children. Every name on this list is perfect for a cute baby boy. Are you looking for such names? We've compiled the latest Popular Muslim boy names with their meanings just for you. Take a look at them and select one of the best and most popular names for baby boy.

What are some popular Muslim boy names?

Although there are different Muslim boy names, which are famous among the people but Ali, Zain, Umar, Abdullah and Farhan are among the popular Muslim boy names.

What are popular Arabic boy names?

Asma ul Husna (Names of Allah) and Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) names are the popular Arabic boy names. These names create a great positive impact on child’s personality.

What are the top 10 popular Muslim boy names in 2020?

This year, some names are gaining high popularity. You can pick from these top 10 popular Muslim boy names Danish, Talha, Owais, Ahmed, Hassan, Shoaib, Aamir, Sohail, Irtaza and Aaron.

What are the attractive Muslim boy names?

A large number of Muslim boy names are attractive. However, Mujtaba, Raza, Shahrukh, Faseeh, Hashir and Farjad, are the most attractive Muslim boy names.

What are popular Islamic boy names?

As Islamic names are both unique and attractive, they are also popular among the parents. These are some popular Islamic boy names: Hussain, Zulfiqar, Mohammad, Qasim, Hamza and Usama.

Latest Reviews - Popular Muslim Boys Names

My name is Muhammad Qasim I Love this name

neha , karachi Wed 27 Jan, 2021

it is mu uncle name and i really love the name Khurram because he is so kind

iraj , Islamabad Wed 27 Jan, 2021

my name is Khalid Ahmed but i write it as Khaleed but i am glad to see accurate meaning

Khalid Ahmed , Islamabad Wed 27 Jan, 2021

Tibaa my lovely daughter name Tibaa is Very Nice great name. May Allah bless all girls

Shahana , Islamabad Wed 27 Jan, 2021

It's such a nice time with this very good site as it is providing authentic meaning of mu name that is Piruz Name

Piruz Nayab , karachi Wed 27 Jan, 2021

I am Shahmeer khan but i write my names as shahmir. A slight difference in spelling

Shahmir Ali , Islamabad Wed 20 Jan, 2021

Haider is associated with the bravest man of Islamic history. Haider would remain my favorite name till my life

Zarik Haider , karachi Wed 20 Jan, 2021

Zaroon is my name and i found lucky my self due to the uniqueness of this name.

Zaroon Abbas , lahore Wed 20 Jan, 2021

Whenever i listen this name it makes me feel very good due to its unique pronounciation. Khizar name is my favourite name

Anabiya , karachi Wed 20 Jan, 2021

wow what a lovely name Arshan is.... i will definitely name my baby Arshan

neha , lahore Wed 20 Jan, 2021