Quranic Girl Names

Quranic Girls Names refer to Muslim feminine names derived from the holy book of Quran. Quran is the base of Islamic faith and has a significant status in the Muslim society. Muslims consider very important to have names of their new born from Quranic words as they have very important meanings in their faith. Top 10 Muslim girl names include Ayaat, Jannat, Amina, Zahra, Jannah, Wardah, Rahmah, Aminah, Ayah and Dunya. Top 3 Quranic girl names meanings are Ayaat meaning Many signs & proofs, verses in the Quran, Jannat meaning Heaven, Garden and Amina meaning White. Radiant

Quranic baby Girl Names

1 Maryam Pure, Pious Lady, Mistress or Lady of the Sea, Sea of Bitterness
2 Jannat Heaven, Paradise , Something that gives you great pleasure
3 Ayaat Verses, Messages, Signs
4 Amina Honest, Faithful, Mother Of The Prophet Muhammad.
5 Huda Right guidance, Correct Guidance, Guidance Towards Good
6 Zahra Bright, Shining, White, Radiant
7 Jannah Paradise, which the righteous have been promised
8 Naima Soft, Gentle, Blessed, Tranquility
9 Rahma Mercy, Grace, Compassion
10 Wardah Flower, Flowery, Rosy, Fresh, Glowing
11 Rahmah Mercy, Grace, Compassion
12 Ayah Sign And Proof Of Allah's Greatness, Verse From The Quran
13 Wahida One, Unique, Sole, Single
14 Dunya World, Worldly Life, That Which Is Close
15 Tayyiba Pure, Chaste, Generous, Good-Natured
16 Aminah Honest, Trustworthy, Truthful, Reliable
17 Janna Garden, Paradise
18 Kalima Speaker; Mouthpiece; Blackness; The Mother Kali
19 Marib Ultimate Goal, Destiny, Conclusion
20 Hasana Good deed, kind act, favour
21 Aqiba Result, Consequence, Conclusion
22 Mawadda Love, Loving and Beloved, Affection
23 Samaah Forgiveness, leniency, Generosity

Islamic Baby Girl Names From Quran – Quranic Girl Names: Babies are a true blessing for parents and other family members. However, it means a lot for them when a baby girl arrives in their family. Parents just love to assign the modern Islamic baby girl names 2020. Islam gives high respect to women especially daughters as they are regarded as “Rehmat” (blessing) in the religion. However, to assign a good name to a child is a crucial responsibility of parents. It is a reason that they go with the latest Islamic baby girl names from Quran.

According to Islamic teachings, a name leaves a great impact on a person’s life so parents should be more careful while naming their child. On the other side, a person should be called by his/her name on the Day of Resurrection.

If you or any of your relative is looking for unique names from Quran with meaning then this page is just for you. Here, you can easily check Islamic baby girl names from Quran with meaning in Urdu and English.

The best part is that all names are characterized as per their starting alphabets. However, it allows you to check Islamic baby girl names from Quran A To Z with meaning.

Holy Quran is the true source of guidance for all of us and it is better to assign a Quranic name to your little angel. So in case you want to pick from the latest names, you can check from our vast collection of Islamic baby girl names in Urdu with Meanings 2020.

If a child is given a name from Quran, she will forever be reminded of the true meaning of a Holy book. It will also remind her to turn to the Quran for all the dilemmas and confusion she faces. However, parents should consider the rules and regulations while picking a suitable name.