Quranic Girl Names

Quranic Girl Names
Quranic Girl Names – This page is a perfect portal regarding the popular Quranic girl names. Now, you can access the unique and popular Quranic girl names without any hassle. In addition, you can also view the meaning, origin, lucky number, and other key information about the name.

Quranic baby Girl Names

Ayesha - عائشہ Mahnoor - ماہ نور Ayaat - أيات
Jannat - جنت Faiza - فائزہ Mariam - مریم
Sumaiya - سُمیئا Amina - آمنہ Eshal - إسهال
Zahra - ظہرہ Waniya - وانیا Safia - صفیہ
Daneen - دانین Manaal - منال Tahira - طاہرہ
Haadiya - ہادیہ Jahan - جہاں Farhana - فرحانہ
Abida - عابدہ Faiqa - فائقہ Farida - فریدہ
Eiman - ایمان Sama - سماﺀ Pakiza - پاکیزہ
Jannah - جنّہ Nasra - نصرا Wardah - وردہ
Rihana - ریحانہ Yasira - یاسرہ Habeeba - حبیبہ
Rahmah - رحمہ Omera - أمرا Aminah - امینہ
Bahar - بہار Kaifiya - كيفية Ayah - اياه
Dunya - دونيا Marib - ماريب Yamina - یامنہ
Taahira - طاہرا Reyah - رياح Lafiza - لافظہ
Qaria - قاریہ Dafiya - دافعية Tayyiba - طيبة
Sirah - سيراه Kareema - کریمہ Tayyiba - طيبه
Chafia - شافيا Salama - سلامہ Jahida - جاهدا
Faakhir - فاخرہ Qudsiya - قدسیہ Ibadah - عبده
Rafeeqa - رافیقہ Mawadda - موضه Mawadda - مودة
Bahaar - بہار Chahraz - شهرزاد Ghadah - غدہ
Badeeah - باديه Ruwaa - رواء Majidah - ماجدہ
Maslama - مَسْلَمة

Quranic Names for Girls - Naming in Islam is considered as prime responsibility of a parents that is done just after the reciting of Adhan in the right hand side of a baby ear or either to organize anevent or a naming ceremony in order to give the name to their children.

The birth of a baby girl in Islam is regarded as a blessing for the parents or in Quran it is also stated that; “A father whose first baby is daughter then he is highly lucky throughout his life. While choosing a name for a baby girl is very difficult and as in Islam it is not necessary to select a name from Holy Quran but yet it is highly obligated for the parents to choose a proper name along with pleasant and beautiful meanings.On the other hand Quran also stated that; always choose a name that has positive meanings because name is directly reflecting the personality of person. Therefore, Muslims always choosy while picking the names of their babies.

Besides this on several occasions Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) also narrated that; “Always select a name that is pleasant in meaning because on day of Resurrection everyone is called by their names”.

In this regard every Muslims parents are very much concerned while picking up the names, and mostly they done this difficult task by taking the help from Holy Quran. Babies name from Holy Quran are a very common practice in Muslim society and everyone tried to select best possible name for their child. Not because it is necessary to choose an Arabic name or name from Quran-e-Pak but the solely reason is that Quran is the best helper and guider and girl having name from Quran will also remember forever.

However, choosing a name from Holy Quran has some strict guidance and rules; some names in Quran have negative meanings due its background details and Holy Prophet (Peace be Upon him) also prohibited the Muslims from such names. Therefore, it is necessary to get all the details while picking up the name. On this page, you can check some famous and acceptable Quran girls name such as Abaida, Abira, Aafiya, Nawal, Atifa, Bariyya and others.

Moreover, when it comes to pick up Islamic name for baby girl it is more difficult because in Quran most of the names are related with masculine. Thereby, if you select that name it has other rules and regulations.

A lot of multiple sites are roaming everywhere and each website provides different names for girls along with different meanings and pronunciations. In such cases Hamariweb.com solves this problem and gives their users a facilitation to search out several different baby girls names that are directed in Holy Quran.

Here you can also easily find a proper meaning of the name within English and Urdu language. Besides that, this website also offers Quranic Girls Name as per the alphabetical sequences. The best part is that you can also access the name in Arabic text along with the proper reference of Holy Quran.

In this way you can get all the details about where the name is mentioned in Quran and what are the background details of that particular name. Just connected with us and get common and unique Quranic names for girls.