Quranic Names

Quranic baby names are the most adored names by Muslim parents. These names are chosen from the Holy book Quran. Quranic names are the most authentic and meaningful names among others. Select the best Quranic baby name from here.

Quranic Boys Names Quranic Girl Names

Quranic baby Names

Name Meaning Gender
Ayat Holy Quran's Verses, Signs, proof Girl
Maryam Virgin, Figurative, Pious, Devout, Chaste Girl
Jannat Heaven, Paradise , Something that gives you great pleasure Girl
Ahad One, Unique, Matchless, Another Name For God Boy
Ayaat Verses, Messages, Signs Girl
Azaan Call To Prayer, Power, Strength Boy
Ibrahim Intimate friend, Father Of Multitude, Prophet’s Name Boy
Kabir Great, Aged, Senior, Venerable, Reverend, Respected Boy
Amina Honest, Faithful, Mother Of The Prophet Muhammad. Girl
Sajid One Who Prostrates, One Who Is A Devout Worshiper Of Allah, Boy
Aafiya Good health, Bin Ayyub had this name, he was a narrator of Hadith Girl
Saqib Brightness, Glittering, Shining Brightly, Sharp Boy
Huda Right guidance, Correct Guidance, Guidance Towards Good Girl
Aabid Worshiper, One Who Worship Allah, God Knows Boy
Sumaira Brownish, Diminutive Of Samra., Night Companion In Conversation Girl
Jannah Paradise, which the righteous have been promised Girl
Musa Saved, Savior, Newborn, Save by the Water Boy
Zahra Bright, Shining, White, Radiant Girl
Naima Soft, Gentle, Blessed, Tranquility Girl
Rayhan Good Scent, Fragrance, Fragranced Herb Boy
Aziz Noble, Exalted, Lofty, Extraordinary Boy
Azim Great, Magnificent, Admirable, Splendid Boy
Aalam World, Universe Boy
Aleem Knowledgeable, Wise, Learned, Expert Boy
Rahma Mercy, Grace, Compassion Girl
Rauf Merciful, Kind, An Attributive Name Of Allah(SWT) Boy
Moosa Name of a Prophet, Arabic Form Of Moses Boy
Ashab Master, Friends, Companions Boy
Wardah Flower, Flowery, Rosy, Fresh, Glowing Girl
Nazeer Warner, Cautioner, Portent, Harbinger Boy
Ihsan Kindness, Beneficence; Highest Level Of Iman Boy
Hakim Wise, Wisdom And Decisiveness Boy
Aala Bounties Girl
Bashir Bringer Of Glad Tidings, Harbinger, Bringer Of Good News Boy
Hamd Praise, Admire, Commendation Boy
Tayyiba Pure, Chaste, Generous, Good-Natured Girl
Raheem Merciful, God Is Compassionate, Kind Boy
Naqeeb Fault-Finder, Leader, Representative Boy
Kafeel Sponsor, Surety, Responsible Boy
Mubin In Muslim meaning is : Another name for the Quran, One who informs Boy
Sami High, Lofty, Exalted Girl
Haq Just, Right, Justice Boy
Wahida One, Unique, Sole, Single Girl
Ayah Sign And Proof Of Allah's Greatness, Verse From The Quran Girl
Asar Mark, Print, Effect, Footprint Boy
Ayyub To Return To God, To Repent, Name Of Prophet Boy
Rahmah Mercy, Grace, Compassion Girl
Dunya World, Worldly Life, That Which Is Close Girl
Basir Knowledgeable, Proficient, One Who Sees Boy
Kalima Speaker, Mouthpiece, Blackness Girl
Ilm Knowledge, Science, Doctrine Girl
Aminah Honest, Trustworthy, Truthful, Reliable Girl
Janna Garden, Paradise Girl
Masir Destiny, Fate, Final Destination Boy
Qadeer Extremely Capable, Competent, Able, Powerful Boy
Khayr In Sindhi meaning is : Goodness, health, Safe. Boy
Marib Ultimate Goal, Destiny, Conclusion Girl
Ghafoor To Forgive, Forgiving, Most Forgiving, Merciful Boy
Baseer Vision Boy
Lateef In egyptian meaning is : Gentle. Boy
Aafaaq The Edge Of The Sky Girl
Najm Celestial Body, Star Boy
Hasana Good deed, kind act, favour Girl
Aqiba Result, Consequence, Conclusion Girl
Kanz Treasure Girl
Salih Righteous, Virtuous, Intact, Praiseworthy, Good Boy Boy
Kathir Much, Abundant, Plentiful, Substantial Boy
Inara Illumination, Enlightenment Girl
Mawadda Love, Loving and Beloved, Affection Girl
Zumar Groups, Throngs Of People, Companies, Crowds Girl
Mashkur Appreciated, thanked, One Who Is Worthy Of Thanks Boy
Ma'ruf Known, Celebrated Boy
Abdul Khabir Servant of the All-Aware, Servant of Allah Boy
Samaah Forgiveness, leniency, Generosity Girl
Mizan Balance, Scales, Measure, Weight Boy
Fazl Courtesy, Noble Deed, Superiority Boy
Illiyeen High status, exalted Girl
Mahia Life And Earth Girl
Zahian Bright Day, Brilliant Girl
Mahd Cradle, Place Of Comfort Girl
Anhar Rivers Boy
Maeen Spring Of Water, Fountain Girl
Ajr Reward Boy
Awliya Allies, Friends Boy
Mouminin Believers, Plural Of Moumin Boy
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Quranic Names with Meaning

Quranic names are the most favored name for every Muslim living across the globe. These names are considered the most blessed names for the child as these names are directly connected to the Holy testimony of religion Islam. Quranic names are widely chosen by parents almost in every Muslim community living in Pakistan as well as abroad. These names are not only sacred for Muslims but also highly blessed for them. These names are directly taken from the Quranic Surah and their verses.

These all are in the Arabic language and deep in meaning. Such religious names are used for girls as well as for boys to develop their personalities in positive manners. Almost all the Islamic names taken from the holy Quran are highly meaningful and good for the child’s natural development.

All the words from the Quran are not suitable for babies as the Quran has described each angle of life as positive or negative. There are particular rules and regulations regarding taking Quranic names as all the word of Holy Quran possesses special meaning and the significance. To choose a good baby name from the Quran, we have developed this page that comprises the best Quranic names for babies. We have listed all the Quranic boy names and Quranic girl names along with their meaning.