Quranic Names

Quranic Names refer to Muslim names derived from the holy book of Quran with significant meanings in Islam. Quran is the core status in Islam and Muslim society, each word of Quran is much important for all Muslims worldwide. Therefore, the name selection of a new born baby from the Quranic words has very important ideology. These are the top 10 Muslim Quranic Names including Ayaat, Jannat, Azaan, Aabid, Amina, Saqib, Zahra, Rayhan, Aleem, Moosa. Top 3 Quranic Names meanings are Ayaat meaning Many signs & proofs, verses in the Quran, Jannat meaning Heaven, Garden and Azaan meaning Call For Worship.

Quranic baby Names

1 Maryam Pure, Pious Lady, Mistress or Lady of the Sea, Sea of Bitterness
2 Ahad One, Unique, Matchless, Another Name For God
3 Jannat Heaven, Paradise , Something that gives you great pleasure
4 Ayaat Verses, Messages, Signs
5 Azaan Call To Prayer, Power, Strength
6 Amina Honest, Faithful, Mother Of The Prophet Muhammad.
7 Ibrahim Intimate friend, Father Of Multitude, Prophet’s Name
8 Saqib Brightness, Glittering, Shining Brightly, Sharp
9 Kabir Great, Powerful, Leader
10 Huda Right guidance, Correct Guidance, Guidance Towards Good
11 Aabid Worshiper, One Who Worship Allah, God Knows
12 Zahra Bright, Shining, White, Radiant
13 Musa Saved, Savior, Newborn, Save by the Water
14 Jannah Paradise, which the righteous have been promised
15 Naima Soft, Gentle, Blessed, Tranquility
16 Rayhan Good Scent, Fragrance, Fragranced Herb
17 Aziz Noble, Exalted, Lofty, Extraordinary
18 Azim Great, Magnificent, Admirable, Splendid
19 Aleem Knowledgeable, Wise, Learned, Expert
20 Rahma Mercy, Grace, Compassion
21 Moosa Name of a Prophet, Arabic Form Of Moses
22 Wardah Flower, Flowery, Rosy, Fresh, Glowing
23 Ashab Master, Friends, Companions
24 Rauf Merciful, Kind, An Attributive Name Of Allah(SWT)
25 Nazeer Warner, Cautioner, Portent, Harbinger
26 Ihsan Kindness, Beneficence; Highest Level Of Iman
27 Hakim Wise, Wisdom And Decisiveness
28 Raheem Merciful, God Is Compassionate, Kind
29 Naqeeb Fault-Finder, Leader, Representative
30 Hamd Praise, Admire, Commendation
31 Bashir Bringer Of Glad Tidings, Harbinger, Bringer Of Good News
32 Kafeel Sponsor, Surety, Responsible
33 Sami High, Lofty, Exalted
34 Rahmah Mercy, Grace, Compassion
35 Ayah Sign And Proof Of Allah's Greatness, Verse From The Quran
36 Tayyiba Pure, Chaste, Generous, Good-Natured
37 Wahida One, Unique, Sole, Single
38 Haq Just, Right, Justice
39 Asar Mark, Print, Effect, Footprint
40 Dunya World, Worldly Life, That Which Is Close
41 Aminah Honest, Trustworthy, Truthful, Reliable
42 Ayyub To Return To God, To Repent, Name Of Prophet
43 Qadeer Extremely Capable, Competent, Able, Powerful
44 Janna Garden, Paradise
45 Kalima Speaker; Mouthpiece; Blackness; The Mother Kali
46 Basir Knowledgeable, Proficient, One Who Sees
47 Masir Destiny, Fate, Final Destination
48 Ilm Knowledge, Science, Doctrine
49 Marib Ultimate Goal, Destiny, Conclusion
50 Ghafoor To Forgive, Forgiving, Most Forgiving, Merciful
51 Hasana Good deed, kind act, favour
52 Aqiba Result, Consequence, Conclusion
53 Kathir Much, Abundant, Plentiful, Substantial
54 Mawadda Love, Loving and Beloved, Affection
55 Salih Righteous, Virtuous, Intact, Praiseworthy, Good Boy
56 Mashkur Appreciated, thanked, One Who Is Worthy Of Thanks
57 Ma'ruf Known, Celebrated
58 Samaah Forgiveness, leniency, Generosity
59 Abdul Khabir Servant of the All-Aware, Servant of Allah
60 Fazl Courtesy, Noble Deed, Superiority


Quranic Names - The name implies everything about a person. It is important for communication and affects the individual's life for the rest of his life. In almost every nation or religion, naming is considered an important responsibility or a process that parents perform after the birth of a child. Similarly, in Islam, after the birth of a child, the first duty is to recite the adhaan newborn baby’s ear and to choose the beautiful name of a child. This is also considering as Heavenly gift that parents give their children. It is not compulsory in Muslims to choose any Arabic or Islamic name. Islam only emphasis to provide a meaningful name. Islam does not urge Muslim parents to choose an Arabic name for their newborn child, depending on the parent whether they choose the name from Quran or not. However, Islam obliges parents and urges them to choose a meaningful name because it is religiously important because the hadeeth clearly states that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: "On the Day of Judgment, you will call on your names, and your father's name must therefore be good names.

Naming a child is a personal choice for each parent, and they choose their children's names on different approaches. There are many unique and beautiful name of Muslim baby’s derived from the sacred book Holy Quran. We also called them as Quranic names. These are Arabic name with highly amazing and strong meanings. Apart from religious significance, the name also reflects directly on one's character and personality. So if a person has an unpleasant name and has misinterpretations, it directly affects the personality of the person even the person with the bad name always becomes a part of the humor and never gets the attention of the people. This can make the person feel sad and suffer.

In the Islamic religion, Muslims are usually choosing names from the Quran, because it is easy to find a meaningful name and a belief that if the name is chosen from the Quran, it will be remembered forever. And it is stated as a verse, which he should consider at every stage of life. In addition, according to the Holy Prophet, if the child always chooses the name, it must be meaningful and beautiful in pronunciation. The name has great importance in Islam because Prophet Muhammad has advised children to give proper names. In Islam, the birth of a baby is considered "blessing". It is usually not difficult for parents to name their young child because they can easily choose the names from many prophets, companions, and other Islamic heroes. However, some parents choose a name that is related to their community or the place where they live. On the other hand, some people even prefer to give their child unusual or unusual names.

Muslims have always regarded the Qur'an as a great helper, which is why they used the Quran when they were confused, stressed or even when they wanted to choose a child's name. There is no restriction in Islam while name a baby, but our Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) forbids us from choosing certain names because of its background and meaning. Some names in the Quran have negative connotations and are not suitable for selection. Here we are providing a huge variety of Quranic names for all the parents.