Quranic Names

Quranic Names
Quranic Names – Just check out the popular and unique Quranic Names with the English and Urdu meanings. You can view the complete list of famous and new Quranic names for your little angel with origin, detailed meaning, lucky number, etc.


Quranic baby Names

Ayesha - عائشہ Rayan - ریعان Mahnoor - ماہ نور
Usman - عثمان Owais - اویس Ayaat - أيات
Jannat - جنت Faiza - فائزہ Azan - اذان
Mariam - مریم Sumaiya - سُمیئا Aabid - عابد
Amina - آمنہ Saqib - ثاقب Faraz - فراز
Eshal - إسهال Ehan - احان Raheel - راحیل
Zafar - ظفر Zahra - ظہرہ Waniya - وانیا
Safia - صفیہ Nihal - نہال Ghufran - غفران
Daneen - دانین Rayhan - ریحان Fardeen - فاردين
Dayyan - دیان Nahid - ناہد Manaal - منال
Tahira - طاہرہ Fazal - فضل Haadiya - ہادیہ
Jahan - جہاں Farhana - فرحانہ Ehsan - احسان
Abida - عابدہ Faiqa - فائقہ Mohamma - محمد
Habib - حبیب Farida - فریدہ Azad - آزاد
Aleem - علیم Eiman - ایمان Moosa - موسٰی
Sama - سماﺀ Gulzar - گلزار Parvaiz - پرویز
Omar - عمر Aziz - عزیز Pakiza - پاکیزہ
Jannah - جنّہ Nasra - نصرا Haaziq - حازق
Zaka - ذکاء Azim - عازم Ghalib - غالب
Baabar - بابر Ihsan - احسان Wardah - وردہ
Rihana - ریحانہ Rauf - روئف Yasira - یاسرہ
Habeeba - حبیبہ Jabbar - جبار Labeeb - لابیب
Naqeeb - نقیب Raheem - رحیم Rahmah - رحمہ
Fadil - فاضل Omera - أمرا Urwah - عروہ
Aminah - امینہ Bashir - بشیر Kafeel - کفیل
Bahar - بہار Kaifiya - كيفية Ayah - اياه
Hakim - حاکم Darim - داریم Asar - عصر
Dunya - دونيا Fakhir - فاخر Marib - ماريب
Qadeer - قدیر Madni - مدنی Abdar - آبدار
Haq - حق Yamina - یامنہ Taahira - طاہرا
Yaqub - یعقوب Raashid - راشد Masir - ماثر
Reyah - رياح Kaamil - کامل Lafiza - لافظہ
Qaria - قاریہ Dafiya - دافعية Tayyiba - طيبة
Sirah - سيراه Shalaan - شالان Ayyub - ایوب
Kareema - کریمہ Wafiq - وافق Ghafoor - غفور
Tayyiba - طيبه Chafia - شافيا Lama - لامع
Ghayoor - غیور Ilm - علم Meeza - ميزة
Anwaar - انوار Salama - سلامہ Jahida - جاهدا
Taslim - تَسليم Faakhir - فاخرہ Qudsiya - قدسیہ
Ibadah - عبده Qabeel - قبیل Rafeeqa - رافیقہ
Mawadda - موضه Jad All - جد الله Badr - بدر
Mawadda - مودة Bahaar - بہار Chahraz - شهرزاد
Mashkur - مشکور Ma'ruf - معروف Ghadah - غدہ
Badeeah - باديه El Amin - یل امین Ruwaa - رواء
Hasun - حاسُن Majidah - ماجدہ Qadhi - قادہی
Badr-al - بدر الدین Masudah - مسودة Maslama - مَسْلَمة

Quranic Names - Almost in every nation or religion, naming is considered as a vital obligation or a practice that has been performed by parents after the birth of a child. Likewise, in Islam after the birth of a child the first ever duty is to recite adhan in the right year of a new-born babyafter that pick up a beautiful name of a child.The concept of naming a child in Islam is regarded as a divine gift which is gifted by parents to their children. However, Islam does not emphasize Muslim parents to choose an Arabic name for their new born baby, it is totally up to the parents to select the name either from Quran or not. Nevertheless, Islam obliges and emphasizes the parents that they must choose a meaningful name because religiously it is highly significant as it is clearly mentioned in Hadith that Holy Prophet Peace be upon him said that “You will called on the Day of Judgment by your names and your father name so must have good names”.

Besides religious importance the name has directly reflected upon the character and personality of a person. So if a person having an unpleasant name and have wrong meanings it will directly create negative impact on the personality of a person even a person with bad name is always become a part of mocking and never get attention from the people. Through this the person might miserable and become the victim of complexities.

Thus, in Islamic religion Muslims are usually selected the names from Holy Quran, as it is easy to search a meaningful name and a believe that if the name is selected from Holy Quran he/she will be reminded forever and as verse stated that,“ which he should reflect upon at every stage of life”. Moreover, according to the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him) always carefully choosing the name if child, it must be meaningful and beautifully in pronunciation.

On the other hand, Muslims always considered Quran as a best helper that’s why when they are confused, stressed or even when they want to choose a baby names they had used to take it from Quran.

However, it is very much necessary to follow all the rules and regulations while picking the names from Holy Quran because our Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him) restrict us from selecting some names due its background and meanings. Some names in Quran-Pak have negative meanings and that is not suitable for picking. Thus, the name of Allah, Prophets and messengers are greatly persuaded, because it has proper meaning and have positive context. Apart from that, it is also forbidden to pick up a name that is against Islamic principles. Therefore, it is highly important to follow these guidelines while selecting the name of your children from Quran.

It is very much difficult to find out the Quranic Names along with accurate meanings. Every web portal offers differently thereby, it creates a great confusion for parents at the time of name picking.

To avoid such problem Hamariweb.com has offers Quranic Name page on their website along with complete meanings and gender type. In this way from this page you can easily check out several Quranic Names of girls and boys along with their accurate meanings, background, proper spelling and as well as in Arabic text with an ease and comfort.