Popular Muslim Girl Names

Popular Muslim girl names refer latest trending names in the Muslim society and World. Latest popular and trendy names include Ayesha, Anabia, Inaya, Sana, Fatima. Top 3 popular trending girl names meanings are as follows: Ayesha meaning is Alive, Well-Living, Happily Living; Anabia meaning is The gate of heaven, the gate of paradise; Inaya meaning is Help, care, protection.

Islamic Popular Names for Girl with Meaning

Name Meaning
Ayesha Alive, Well-Living, Happily Living
Anabia The gate of heaven, the gate of paradise
Inaya Help, care, protection
Sana Light, Radiance, To Glow,Resplendence
Fatima To Abstain, Chaste, Captivating
Ayat Holy Quran's Verses, Signs, proof
Aaira noble woman, honourable and respectful lady
Zoya Alive, Loving, Caring Girl
Aiza Nobel, Respectful
Zara High Status, Exalted, Eastern Splendour, Princess
Naira radiant, brilliant, full of light
Kiara Little black one, Dusky, Dark haired
Abeeha her father, nickname of Hazrat Fatima
Haniya A Place To Rest, To Be Happy
Zainab Generosity, Munificence, Fragrant Flower
Neha Loving, Affectionate, Rain
Maira Favorable, Admirable, light, swift, fast-moving
Mahira Expert, skilled, talented, accomplished, adept
Sara Pure, Happy, Happiness, Laughter, Joy and Delight
Anam Present, Precious Gift from Allah
Ayra Vision-filling, eye-weakening, Respectable
Amyra Princess, commander, Highborn Girl
Maryam Virgin, Figurative, Pious, Devout, Chaste
Aqsa Farthest, The mosque name Height, limit
Laiba Gorgeous, Pretty, A beautiful Hoor Of Heaven
Hoorain Beatutiful Eyes, Fabulous Friend, Women Of Paradise
Humaira From the arabic name meaning reddish! Title name of Aisha RA one who strives to achieve her utmost best!
Arya In Hindu meaning is : Honoured; noble
Ruhi Spiritual, Of spirit, Mystic, Sacred
Afreen Beautiful, Brave, Acclaim ,Stimulation, Praise, Lucky , Encouragement
Aiman Righteous, blessed, lucky
Isha Life, way of life, woman, She who lives
Alisha Protected by God, Noble kind; of the noble sort, Secure
Hafsa The Name Of The Holy Prophet's Wife
Iqra First word of the Quran, To read, To recite
Mahnoor Light, Radiance, Moon, Moonlight
Arisha Throne, To Build, Highness
Muntaha The Utmost, Highest Degree, High Status
Anita Grace, Raise, Promote, Favor
Hareem Sanctuary, Sanctum, Walls of House of Kabba
Eshaal Paradise Flower, Fragrant Flower Of Heaven
Rumaisa Wind that scatters dust, hides tracks, footprints
Jannat Heaven, Paradise , Something that gives you great pleasure
Muskan Smile, Happy, Laughter
Sadia Lucky, Fortunate, Cheerful, Blessed, Happy
Saniya Radiant, Brilliant, High, Exalted
Khadija The Name Of Holy Prophet (PBUH)'s First Wife Khadijah-tul-Kubra (RA)
Sidra A tree of Berry, tree in heaven, name of a Sahabiyya
Namar Name Of A Mountain
Noor Light, Gleaming, Illumines, Shining
Rida Virtuous, Pious, God-Fearing and Devoted to God. help's people
Saira Name of a bird, Moving, Wandering, Travel
Maria The star of the sea, kind of bird, Bitter, sea of bitterness
Tanisha Born on Monday (Hausa of Nigeria)
Anaya Caring, Guardian, Protector, Concern
Saba Morning breeze, Spring breeze, Zephyr
Nisha Courage, Spirit
Kashaf Revelation, Manifestation, Divination, Miracle
Umaima Little mother, Be a mother, Little Umm
Aliza Joyous; Happiness; Faithful; Pious; Honest
Rabia Fourth, rainy, fertile, constant, stable
Fiza Wide, Open, Open Hearted, Enlarger, Improver, Who Expands, Magnifier
Zonaira Belt, strap, intelligent, wise, Paradise Flower
Maheen Greatest, Fine, Feeble
Hiba Gift”, especially a gift and blessing from God
Saima Pious Woman Who Fasts Often, Fasting Woman, LIGHTENING
Rimsha Bouquet, Beautiful, Face like moon
Alina Bright, Fair, Good-Looking, soft, pliable, delicate
Sofia Wisdom, Sagacity, Intelligence, Beautiful
Bushra Happy News Glad Tiding Good Omen.
Mehwish Moon, Beautiful, Pretty, Moon Face
Maham Full Moon, Moon light, Wife of mughal emperor Zahir
Ayaat Verses, Messages, Signs
Sumaiyaa Pure, Exalted, High, Chaste
Madiha Worthy of praise( Swahili origin )
Lubna Elegance, A woman who has milky white colour, Storax Tree
Faiza Successful One, Winner, VICTORIOUS, Triumphant
Liza Devoted To Allah(SWT), Endowment To Allah, CONSECRATED TO GOD
Areeba Witty and Smart, wise, intelligent
Arfa High-Status, Best, Sublime, The Mighty
Manahil fountain, spring, Spring of fresh water
Areesha Throne Living, Under an umbrella. built structure
shazia Rare, Extraordinary, Strange, Wonderful, Aromatic.
Tania Princess, Fairy, Angle, Royalty
Arshiya Fairy, Abode Of Allah, Lives In Skies
Afnan Growth, Progress, Full Spreading Branches Of Trees, Growth, Fruitfulness
Sadaf Shell, Oyster, Pearl
Iram A Garden In Heaven, Paradise, Landmark In The Desert
Parveen Variant Of Parvin: Pleiades, Cluster Of Stars.
Minahil Fountain, Spring, Spring Of Fresh Water
Minha A Blessing From Allah, Gift From Allah, Grant
Asma Excellent, lofty, eminent, precious,Higher, more exalted, more sublime, more eminent
Poonam Full Moon
Tanveer Rays Of Light(Origin Islamic)
Ana Prestige, Self Respect.
Haram Gentlewoman, Aristocrat, Countess, Empress, Lady, Noble Woman
Mishal Light, Radiance, Bright Flame
Zaira In hebrew meaning is : Eastern brightness,dawn;Princess.
Uzma Greatest, More Magnificent, Supreme, More Glorious
Ifra Significantly, Expert
Sonia Pretty, Very Beautiful, Intelligence, Intellect, Smart
Aaima Leader, Ruler, Superior
Aleeza Joyful, Cheerful, Happy, Lighthearted
Amina Honest, Faithful, Mother Of The Prophet Muhammad.
Rubina Blessed With Love, Waterfall, Face Reader
Anahita Goddess of wisdom and fertility
Abeera Rose, Sandal Saffron Mixed Together In Fragrance.
Sanam Beloved.
Nazia A Woman Of Whom You Can Be Proud, To Be Proud
Zeenat Decoration. Beauty.
Mahek Fragrance, PERFUME, Scent, Aroma
Manal Attainment, Achievement
Sarah Pure, Happy
Fabeha Gifted, Fortunate, Lucky
Mariam Bitter, Wished For Child, Our Lady, Virtuous, Pious, God-Fearing, Devoted To God
Zoha Light, Morning Light, Light Of The Religion
Urwa Support, handhold. Description of Ayesha by Muhammad
Kainaat All Being, All Creations, The Creation, Universe
Aania Towards, direction, concern.
Manha Gift of Allah
Ariba Witty, Smart, Wise, Wisdom, Decisiveness
Habiba Beloved. Sweetheart. Darling.
Aafiya Good health, Bin Ayyub had this name, he was a narrator of Hadith
Bareera Pious, Virtual, Self-Righteous, Religious
Shifa Healing
Sania Brilliant, Majestic, Exalted, Eminent, Splendid, Fem. Of Sani
Mirha Light Of Allah, Nimble, Agile
Ulfat Love
Mahreen Moon, Beautiful
Reshma Golden Silk, Expensive
Samreen Fruitful, Beneficial, Productive, Profit-making
Aliya Defender, High, Tall, Towering, Lofty, Exalted, High-Ranking, Sublime, Superior
Shaista Gentle, obedient, Polite, Courteous
Shabana Belonging To Night. Young Lady.
Wafa Faithfulness, Loyalty
Tasnim Fountain Of Paradise.
Nida Call, Sound, Voice, Call To Prayer
Sumaira Brownish, Diminutive Of Samra., Night Companion In Conversation
Aisha Lively Woman, Life, alive, well-living, happily living
Yusra Ease, Comfort, Blessedness, Prosperous
Afiya Health ( Swahili origin )
Huda Right guidance, Correct Guidance, Guidance Towards Good
Jawaria Happiness Spreader, Girl Who Spread Happiness, Blessed Female
Amal Work, Hope, Aspiration
Rifat High rank, high standing, dignity, exaltation, eminence.
Aleena Fair, Beautiful, Soft, Delicate
Humna Extremely Discerning, Wise, Wisdom, Intelligence
Rukhsar Face, Cheek, Complexion, Aspect
Amna Peace ,Safety, Safe One, Protected One
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Welcome your baby girl with never-ending happiness and lifelong care and affection. Baby girls are a blessing from Allah for parents and parents make sure to do every effort to provide them comfort and love. The first thing that parents gift the daughter is the lifetime identity that is the name. Parents take all the major precautions while naming a baby as names affect the personality. Popular Muslim names for girls are the priority for parents while searching a name for the little angle. Popular Muslim girl names have always become the hot search because the popular names provide a highlight for a baby in life. These names are usually the trending names of the time inspired by any person, personality, character, or any influencer. Being a Muslim, parents tend to search Popular Islamic names for baby girl to fulfill all the basic requirements while naming a baby.

These Popular Muslim names with meaning are more focused while searching names as it affect the personality of a baby. We have gathered all the latest Muslim girl names for your little princess to provide ease for all. Check out all the amazing and best popular Muslim girl names along with complete details including meaning, Lucky number, and origin. All the listed popular Muslim names for baby girl are handpicked and possess the best meanings that would help her to develop good traits in her character. All the name comprises in the list are highly popular Islamic names for baby girl these days. Popular names usually get fame due to rising famous personalities or characters and we have compiled all the names for girl to bring ease for all the parents

What are some popular Muslim girl names?

Although there are different Muslim girl names, which are famous among the people but Sana, Anam, Hareem, Eshaal and Rumaisa are among the popular Muslim girl names.

What are popular Arabic girl names?

Names of daughter and wives of Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) are the popular Arabic girl names. These names create a great positive impact on child’s personality.

What are the top 10 popular Muslim girl names in 2021?

In 2020, some names got high popularity. You can choose from these top 10 popular Muslim girl names Umaima, Kashaf, Humaira, Alina, Maheen, Bushra, Rida, Fiza, Humna and Aaima.

What are the attractive Muslim girl names?

A vast number of Muslim girl names are highly attractive. However, Minha, inshal, Arshia, Fariha, Ramsha and Hania are considered as most attractive Muslim girl names.

What are popular Islamic girl names?

Islamic names are regarded as unique and attractive. It is a reason that they are also popular among the parents. These are some popular Islamic girl names: Ayat, Aafiya, Mariam, Hoorain and Anabia.

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Abeeha is best name.. this name is very unique .. and there is the great page to find every name and its meaning

  • Anabia, karachi
  • Wed 08 Sep, 2021

Its an amazing way to find name meanings . Minsa is my Fiance name . she is so cute

  • Amaan, Hyderabad
  • Wed 08 Sep, 2021

Irha is very unique name, my niece is named this. i got to find its meaning here.

  • Abeera, Sialkot
  • Wed 08 Sep, 2021

My younger Sister's name is Eshal, its a great name with good meaning.

  • Wajid, karachi
  • Wed 08 Sep, 2021

I have seen many overseas pakistanis using this name now. I am also considering this name for my newborn.

  • Fahad, Islamabad
  • Wed 08 Sep, 2021