Quranic boy Names

Quranic boy Names
Quranic Boy Names – If you are looking for latest Quranic Boy Names then just stick on this page. All new and famous Quranic Names are available here. You can easily give a suitable name to your baby boy after looking name’s origin, meaning, etc.

Quranic baby Boy Names

Rayan - ریعان Usman - عثمان Owais - اویس
Azan - اذان Aabid - عابد Saqib - ثاقب
Faraz - فراز Ehan - احان Raheel - راحیل
Zafar - ظفر Rayhan - ریحان Fardeen - فاردين
Dayyan - دیان Nahid - ناہد Fazal - فضل
Ehsan - احسان Mohamma - محمد Habib - حبیب
Azad - آزاد Aleem - علیم Moosa - موسٰی
Gulzar - گلزار Parvaiz - پرویز Omar - عمر
Aziz - عزیز Haaziq - حازق Zaka - ذکاء
Azim - عازم Ghalib - غالب Baabar - بابر
Ihsan - احسان Rauf - روئف Jabbar - جبار
Labeeb - لابیب Naqeeb - نقیب Raheem - رحیم
Fadil - فاضل Bashir - بشیر Kafeel - کفیل
Hakim - حاکم Darim - داریم Asar - عصر
Fakhir - فاخر Qadeer - قدیر Madni - مدنی
Abdar - آبدار Haq - حق Yaqub - یعقوب
Raashid - راشد Masir - ماثر Kaamil - کامل
Shalaan - شالان Ayyub - ایوب Wafiq - وافق
Ghafoor - غفور Ghayoor - غیور Anwaar - انوار
Qabeel - قبیل Jad All - جد الله Mashkur - مشکور
Ma'ruf - معروف El Amin - یل امین Hasun - حاسُن
Qadhi - قادہی Badr-al - بدر الدین

Quranic Names for Boys - Naming a child is related to a religious and important practice in Islam and this prime responsibility is done by the parents of newly born children. Evenafter the birth of a baby the Muslims parentsperform its first ever dutythrough given the azan in the right ears of a new born boy. Even in Islam the people of Pakistan had organized an event, as a naming ceremony and in this ceremony the baby parents had decided the name of their baby.

As it is clearly mentioned on different context in Holy Quran; always selects positive and meaningful names. On one event Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) also narrated in Hadith that; “On the day of judgment the persons will call by their names so it is necessary to have a meaningful names”. Besides its religious importance it has social importance as well. The name has direct influenceon the personality of a child. As the person is recognized by their name and a good name is regarded as a person belongs to a respectable family. While a person with bad name has negative impact on the others.

Furthermore, Islam is a universal religion and not emphasizes to select name from Quran however, Islam teaches us some guidelines while selecting name from Holy Quran for baby boys. And these guidelines are highly obligated to follow by every Muslim parent who wants to name their child that is directed in Quran-e-Pak.

For a safe side every parent’s wishes to pick their babies name from Holy Quran. Because Quran is complete and contains various names for boys along with pleasant meanings. Besides that, the names that are selected from Holy Quran for baby boysthey will be forever remember.

But when it comes to Quranic names for boys so parents had confront with several problems because Quran has contain multiple names for boys. Thus, it is such a difficult task to pick up one name from Holy Quran that is suitable and positive in meaning. Because Quran has contain some negative names and some names are strictly forbidden by Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him) due to negative background. More than that, it is also highly void to pick up a name that are against the values of Islam.

On the other hand, multiple sites are roaming and giving several Quranic Boy Names within errorless reference and negative meanings. Nevertheless, Hamariweb.com provides complete and proper list of Boys Name that has been mentioned in Quran along with their Urdu and English meanings.

More than that, you can also look out boys name in proper Arabic text alongside with background details and history so that you can easily explore which name has what kind of significant and where it is linking in Quran. Here you can also get all the Islamic boys names as per alphabetical order and you can also check some unique and most common Quranic boys name.

On this page, you can check the most popular Quranic names for boys such as Aabid, Adil, Abdullah, Abdul, Ahad, Hajir, Hamdun, etc. by utilizing the list of some Quranic names for boys.

This service will provide an ease, now you don’t need to browse down other websites and confuse yourself. Just stay with us and easily check out Quranic boys name list.