Christian Boy Names

Most popular baby christian boys names with meanings. Pick a perfect name from the vast collection of Boy names. Find the origin, lucky number, religion, and other key aspects of name. The best part is that names are also categorized into different religions. Here you find Top Boy names meaning includes most trending names like Aadam, Aadan, Aadrian, Aaidan and Aaiden.

Christian Boy Names

Aadam Of the earth Christian
Aadan Of the earth Christian
Aadrian A man from hadria Christian
Aaidan A fiery young man Christian
Aaiden A fiery young man Christian
Aaidyn A fiery young man Christian
Aaric Rule with mercy Christian
Aaron Shining light Christian
Aaronn One who is exalted ; from the mountain of strength Christian
Aarron One who is exalted ; from the mountain of strength Christian
Aaydan A fiery young man Christian
Abasalom Son of king david Christian
Abba Born on a thursday Christian
Abbott Father Christian
Abdiel Servent of god Christian
Abe Father of a multitude Christian
Abel Breath, child Christian
Abida Worshipper Christian
Abidan my father is judge Christian
Abie Father or mother of many Christian
Abijah The lord is my father Christian
Abinoam father of pleasantness Christian
Abishalom father of peace Christian
Abiud my father is majesty Christian
Abner The father of light Christian
Abot father Christian
Abraam Father of a multitude ; father of nations Christian
Abraham Father of a multitude Christian
Abrahem Father of a mighty nation Christian
Abram A form of abraham Christian
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Christian Boys Names

Christian Boy Names – It is a dream of every person to be blessed with a child. The arrival of a newborn angel not just makes his/her parents happy but it is also a great occasion of celebration for all family members.

When talking about the Christian boy name, the names like Richard, Joseph, James, and Catherine are old, but traditional parents still demand them. On the other side, some parents want to give a name to their child that is both unique and popular. However, it signifies the importance of a portal where they can easily check the best possible name for their child.

Christians consider the birth of a male child as a blessing to the family. Proud parents are in search of decent Christian boy names ever since the announcement of the birth. Some of the popular Christian names for boys they already have in their mind, but they are certainly not enough! This page offers an exclusive database of old, new, unique, and latest Christian boys names along with their meanings for your assistance. You can even witness other important details about Christian baby names including their origin, religion, gender, ratings, and popularity graph of each name. New Christian baby boy names are added in this list from time to time. You will always find some new names every time you visit this page.

If you belong to the Christian community and are looking for Christian names for your newborn children, you are on the right page. Find the perfect Christian name as well as the meanings of your Christian baby boy. The best part about this portal is that names are not just from any single language or background. This vast database is just created for your easiness so you can easily pick the name by considering different factors such as meaning, name, origin, etc. Christian Boy name section is extensive with names listed in alphabetical order. Each alphabet comprise of numerous names that you can browse through and keep selecting the favorite ones.

Clicking on your chosen Christian boys name can land you on the dedicated page which gives you complete information about the meaning and origin that helps you to decide. You can explore names from each alphabet one by one. In case you are confused about certain Christian boys names then you can take suggestions from a friend by sharing the page on social media platforms. Some of the most loved Christian boys names include Thomas, Alex, Walton, Warwick, and Kelvin to name a few. There are more new Christian names added in this list that you have not heard anywhere else. You can access any Christian boy's name of your choice on this page.

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i realy love my name for every moment when i write it and actually i proud of myself with my name KELVIN

Kelvin , Moshi Tue 20 Oct, 2020

Abraham name meaning is quite deep. Abraham name also found as Ibrahim in Muslims.

Celiste , New York Mon 05 Oct, 2020

Oh My God! Corona is also a name.... It is amazing, This name would scared many

Carl , Birmingham Tue 22 Sep, 2020

My all time fav name, Carl name meaning is also nice but i love it pronunciation

Andy , jönköping Sun 20 Sep, 2020

Aaron is unique name with a wonderful and attractive meaning .. i like that name beacause its my name

Aaron , Orlando Sat 19 Sep, 2020

Adam is also a name of 1st man on earth.....

anna , UK Sat 19 Sep, 2020

I like this name :)

Clara , London Sun 26 Jan, 2020

Mere mamma and papa ne yh nam diya h

Amos ekka , 2000 bachpn se hi Sun 19 Jan, 2020

My name is Delvin Duel Norbert

Delvin Duel , Kollam Fri 20 Dec, 2019

is good

Krisna , medan Mon 09 Dec, 2019