Christian Boys Names

Baby Christian Boys Names - Find the unique & popular baby Christian Boys Names with Urdu & English meanings. Best list of new & cool Christian Boys Names for new born baby with detail meanings, origin & lucky number.

Christian Boys Names
Aadam Aadan Aadrian
Aaidan Aaiden Aaidyn
Aaric Aaron Aaronn
Aarron Aaydan Abasalo
Abba Abbott Abdiel
Abe Abel Abida
Abidan Abie Abijah
Abinoam Abishal Abiud
Abner Abot Abraam
Abraham Abrahem Abram
Abrasha Absolom Abu jah
Acacio Ace Ackerle
Ackley Acton Adam
Adamm Addai Addam
Addan Adden Addison
Addo Addonis Adeen
Aden Adenn Adiba
Adlai Adley Adli
Admon Adney

Christian Boy Names

Christian Boy Names – Welcome the little baby boy in your family whole heartedly! Christians considers birth of a male child as a blessing to the family. Proud parents are in search for decent Christian boy names ever since the announcement of birth. Some of the popular Christian names for boys they already have in their mind, but they are certainly not enough! This page offers an exclusive database of old, new, unique and latest Christian boy names along with their meanings for your assistance. You can even witness other important details about Christian baby names including their origin, religion, gender, ratings, and popularity graph of each name. New Christian baby boy is names are added in this list from time to time. You will always find some new names every time you visit this page.

Christian Boy name section is extensive with names listed in alphabetical order. Each alphabet comprise of numerous names that you can browse through and keep selecting the favorite ones. Clicking on your chosen Christian boy name can land you on the dedicated page which gives you complete information about the meaning and origin that helps you to decide. You can explore names from each alphabet one by one. In case you are confused about certain Christian boy name then you can take suggestion from a friend by sharing the page on social media platforms. Some of the most loved Christian boy names include Thomas, Alex, Walton, Warwick, and Kelvin to name a few. There are more new Christian names added in this list that you have not heard anywhere else. You can access any Christian boy name of your choice on this page.

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