Christian Names

Christian Names

Baby Christian Names - Find the unique & popular baby Christian Names with Urdu & English meanings. Best list of new & cool Christian Names for new born baby with detail meanings, origin & lucky number.


Meaning : He who supplants
Meaning : A form of chanel

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Kiara Alex Annabel
Monika Alvin Alice
Margare Linda Anaya
Jessica Aislinn Senorit
Eric Kiaan Jennife
Beyonce Evan Kelvin
Erica Annie Nick
Fiona Vanessa Anaaya
Melvin Olivia David
Ryan Unique Gay
Scott Shantel Lisa
Rita Elvis Ethan
Audrey Coco Jolette
Nancy Jeffrey Marvin
Dicky Alayna Hanny
Ruby Ricky Desmond
Kyle Skylar Ty
Ezra Ria Nelson
Names Records 1 To 54 (Total 7867 Records)


Christian Names

Christian Names – Choosing a suitable Christian name with meaning is the foremost task for parents. Suggestions about various Christian names come from every end, so much that parents are confused which name to choose. Sometimes Christian name suggestions are way too outdated and that urges them to look for unique Christian name suggestions from other sources.

If you belong to Christian community and are looking for a suitable Christian name for their new born babies, then you have landed on the right page. As the world progresses, the trends of Christian baby names have also revolutionized as many new additions make it to the list oftenly. Names like Richard, Joseph, James, and Catherine have gone old but are still demanded by traditional parents. Those who are looking for unique Christian baby names for boy or Christian baby names for girls can access this extensive platform offering variety of Christian names.

HamariWeb bring you an exclusive and latest list of Christian Names that you love to check out. We possess an alphabetic list of Christian Names with meanings and origin details. You can even checkout the popular Christian names lists for quick search. Christian parents can check our website in advance to make a shortlist of Christian baby names. In order to avoid trouble, we have segregated the list of Christian names in terms of gender. Mostly parent choose their baby names before birth so they just search for name meanings and here you can find almost thousands of Christian names with meaning. Online visitors can access the extensive list of Christian name meaning , origin, and other details with just a click. We are doing our best to update the Christian names list on our database regularly; so parents can find out more unique and attractive Christian names for their newly born.

Latest list of Christian names having thousands of Biblical words with proper meanings are available on this page. Give your cute baby a beautiful Christian name. We have separate list of baby names such as Christian baby girl names and Christian baby boy names , extracted from Holy Bible. You can take suggestion from the page as we mention a short list of most popular Christian names for both boys and girls.

Parents can have a better idea about the most trending list by checking out this list. “Christian Names of the Day“section mentions a selected name for both boy and girl. We encourage the parents to post their newly born babies pictures along with their names on HamariWeb. You can email your child’s photograph or can directly upload it on our Christian names page.


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