Christian Names


Kiara little black one Girl
Alex A helper and defender of mankind Boy
Beyonce One who surpasses others Girl
Linda serpent Girl
Senorita Sweet Girl
Monika Uncertain Girl
Annabelle A form of annabel Girl
Alice Noble or kind Girl
Alvin Noble friend or elf friend. Boy
Aislinn A dream or vision ; an inspiration Girl
Ryan Little king Boy
Nancy God's flavour Girl
Unique Unique Girl
Kiaan Archaic Boy
Eric Brave ruler, Ever powerful Boy
Hanny favor grace Girl
Scott From scotland Boy
Kyle A narrow piece of land. Boy
Jessica God's grace Girl
Nick A short form of dominic, nicholas Boy
Anaya God answered Girl
Erica Feminine derivative of Eric; Meaning - Brave ruler, Ever powerful Girl
Margaret Jewel Girl
Evan A form of john Boy
Annie Grace Girl
Jeffrey Divinely peaceful. Boy
Jennifer White wave Girl
Zara Dawn, princess Girl
Audrey Noble strength Girl
Laura Crowned with laurel. Girl
Fiona vine Girl
Melvin Mill friend; council friend Boy
Onam vigorous, strong Boy
Enola LittleBoy, Girl
Dicky powerful ruler Boy
Coco Coconut Girl
Alisson Woman of the nobility ; truthful ;having high moral character Girl
Marvin Lover of the sea Boy
Hamlet tiny little village Boy
Skylar protection, shelter Girl
Rita pearl Girl
Sierra mountain range Girl
Kimberly Chief, ruler Girl
Noah Rest; comfort Boy
Stacy resurrection Girl
Amy Loved Girl
Skye cloud Girl
Olivia A form of olga Girl
Lisa A short form of elizabeth Girl
Bryan high hill Boy
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Christian Name Meaning - Christianity is regarded as the biggest religion with the highest number of followers. It signifies the importance of Christian baby names and their meanings. In every faith or religion, the birth of a baby is regarded as a great blessing. Parents and their families eagerly wait for the day when they blessed with the little baby boy or girl. When talking about Christian Baby names, they should be both unique and exclusive. There are several factors that create impact on the personality of child and the name is a significant one among them. Parents often look for names that are not just beautiful to hear but also have a good meaning. The best baby name is a perfect gift that you can give to your child.

It is a reason that we have sorted out the best possible Christian baby boy names and Christian baby girl names. All popular, unique, modern, and trending names are here with meanings in both English and Urdu language.

An up-to-date list of Christian names with thousands of Bible-appropriate meanings is available on this page. Give your beloved child a beautiful Christian name. We have a separate list of baby names, such as the names of Christian Baby Girls and the names of Christian Baby Boys, taken from the Holy Bible. You can consult this page because we mention a shortlist of popular Christian names for both boys and girls.

Is Christian a boy's or girl's name?

The word “Christian” is originated from the Baptismal name that is frequently used be people who follow Christianity.

What are the most beautiful Biblical girl names for babies?

Jezebel, Jonna, Jochebed, and Jordan are some most beautiful Biblical girl names for babies.

What names are from the Bible?

Barnabas, Asher, Adam, Abel, Barak, Andrew, Abraham, and Aaron are among some names from Bible.

What Bible name means strong?

Abraham is a name with Hebrew origin and Abraham name meaning is “his strength”.

What is the oldest name in the Bible?

Methuselah is the oldest name of all figures mentioned in the Bible.

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my mom give this name

ADRINA , PENANG Tue 15 Dec, 2020

That was my name.

Sharina , USA Fri 11 Dec, 2020

no me parece muy explicativo

Dayleen , La Paz Tue 20 Oct, 2020

i realy love my name for every moment when i write it and actually i proud of myself with my name KELVIN

Kelvin , Moshi Tue 20 Oct, 2020

Abraham name meaning is quite deep. Abraham name also found as Ibrahim in Muslims.

Celiste , New York Mon 05 Oct, 2020