Popular Christian girl Names

Popular Christian girl names refer latest trending names in the Christian society and World. Latest popular and trendy names include Kiara, Monika, Linda, Annabelle, Senorita. Top 3 popular trending girl names meanings are as follows: Kiara meaning is little black one; Monika meaning is Uncertain; Linda meaning is serpent.

Kiara little black one Girl
Monika Uncertain Girl
Linda serpent Girl
Annabelle A form of annabel Girl
Senorita Sweet Girl
Aislinn A dream or vision ; an inspiration Girl
Alice Noble or kind Girl
Nancy God's flavour Girl
Beyonce One who surpasses others Girl
Jessica God's grace Girl
Margaret Jewel Girl
Anaya God answered Girl
Erica Feminine derivative of Eric; Meaning - Brave ruler, Ever powerful Girl
Annie Grace Girl
Jennifer White wave Girl
Fiona vine Girl
Unique Unique Girl
Hanny favor grace Girl
Audrey Noble strength Girl
Rita pearl Girl
Ruby behold, ason Girl
Lisa A short form of elizabeth Girl
Kimberly Chief, ruler Girl
Zara Dawn, princess Girl
Olivia A form of olga Girl
Vanessa Ph Girl
Anaaya Look up to god Girl
Coco Coconut Girl
Skylar protection, shelter Girl
Alayna Rock Girl
Avery elfcounsel Girl
Sierra mountain range Girl
Amy Loved Girl
Jolette One who is youthful ; daughter of the sky Girl
Ria From the river Girl
Kayla Crown of laurels kazia - plant with cinnamon-like bark Girl
Dolly gift of God Girl
Alisson Woman of the nobility ; truthful ;having high moral character Girl
Skyler protection, shelter Girl
Nikki victor of the people Girl
Nicole victor of the people Girl
Alisha A form of alicia Girl
Kiki K Girl
Laura Crowned with laurel. Girl
Nadia hope Girl
Ivana God is gracious Girl
Stacy resurrection Girl
Shantel stony place Girl
Monalisa Noble Girl
Evelyn Hazelnut Girl
Tiana believer Girl
Sky sky, Girl
Hazel Hazelnut tree Girl
Annya A woman graced with god Girl
Brenda Sword Girl
Gwen fair, holy, white Girl
Poppy Poppy flower Girl
Amanda lovable Girl
Alissa Truth, noble Girl
Carlota man Girl
Barbie foreign strange Girl
Mo dark-skinned Moor Girl
Mabel lovable Girl
Stella star Girl
Anastasia Resurrection Girl
Mirabel wonderful Girl
Sheryl darling beryl Girl
Ayla Oak tree Girl
Logan hollow, lowland Girl
Azura skyblue Girl
Heidi noble sort Girl
Emilia Industrious Girl
Ian God is benevolent Girl
Lyra lyre Girl
Shalom Peace Girl
Tonni Flourishing Girl
Sylvia Lumber Girl
Ammy Dearly loved Girl
Kristi believer Girl
Daisy Eye of the day Girl
Ailish Consecrated to god ailsa - concecrated to god Girl
Mavis songthrush Girl
Emily Hardworking Girl
Shania God is gracious Girl
Hailey A form of haile Girl
Shana Beautiful Girl
Eva Life Girl
Emely rival Girl
Alvina Friend to all; noblefriend Girl
Diandra Manly Girl
Alize Joyful Girl
Diana divine, heavenly Girl
Shelby hut Girl
Vivian alive animated lively Girl
Paige Young child Girl
Rebecca To tie Girl
Iva God's great gift, yew tree Girl
Alicia A form of alice which means noble Girl
Maybelline lovable Girl
Maria Bitter Girl
Adeline A form of adelaide Girl
Briella God is my might Girl
Alina A short form of adeline Girl
Molly Bitter Girl
Abigail Father in rejoicing Girl
Bailey Bailiff Girl
A2a work Girl
Natalia Christ's birthday Girl
Faith Faith; confidence; belief Girl
Madison sonof MADDE Girl
Lovely Lovely Girl
Keith forest, wood Girl
Riley rye Girl
Chelsea Port Girl
Beverly Beaver field Girl
Laboni Graceful Girl
Florence Flowering Girl
Heather Signifies a flower associated with scotland Girl
Adele A short form of adelaide Girl
Misti A form of misty Girl
Ashley Which means ash tree meadow Girl
Adalyn Of the nobility ; serene ; of good humor Girl
Lia Dependence Girl
Zinnia Zinn's flower Girl
Alis noblesort Girl
Ellie Short form of eleanor Girl
Skye cloud Girl
Tracy placeof Thracius Girl
Arabella Eagle heroine Girl
Yuliana Down-bearded youth Girl
Athena One who is wise ; in mythology , the goddess of war and wisdom Girl
Wendy friend Girl
Queen Queen Girl
Zoe Life Girl
Skyla The sky Girl
Kaitlyn pure Girl
Aana A woman graced with god Girl
Enola LittleBoy, Girl
Lara laurel Girl
Franccesca Free , or from france Girl
Irene peace Girl
Vera Truth veronica - genuine image Girl
Blessy Blessing Girl
Tisha Aristocrat Girl
Andrea man warrior Girl
Alyssa noble sort Girl
Anabel A form of annabel Girl
Angela Messenger Girl
Cheryl darling Girl
Alisya noblesort Girl
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POPULAR Christian Girl NAMES

Latest Reviews - Popular Christian Girls Names

my best friend is named this

Helana , Parramatta Sun 21 Jun, 2020

Nice name. It is very popular in French.

Ria , London Fri 22 Nov, 2019

Aniya name ka meaning full nhi ata

Maheen , Sahiwal Tue 05 Nov, 2019

This is my name. I personally like to think it means mighty. I was named after my dad.

Erica Erickson , San Diego Mon 28 Oct, 2019

Is grace a Cristian name?

Grace , ? Thu 24 Oct, 2019

I’m one of them

Zandra , Kota kinabalu Fri 18 Oct, 2019

A 3 old girl is missing by this name and I want to know how to pray

Trina , Pensacola Tue 15 Oct, 2019

Vary big

subhara , joynagar Sat 05 Oct, 2019

she is my friend and also i want to know for knowledge

margreat , virar Wed 18 Sep, 2019


Angel , Nigeria Tue 16 Jul, 2019